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PAS-91 Applications

PAS-91 Applications

The PAS 91 standardised pre-qualification questionnaire allows construction companies to pre-qualify for a range of contracts, reducing the need to complete multiple submissions.

Construction PAS 91 Application

The successful completion of PAS 91 benefits both buyers and suppliers by providing assurances of a specified level of standards. Implementing the PQQ reduces the amount of paperwork needed on both ends and allows for an easier, less time consuming bid process.

The Process Application

The process for completing your application is very simple and we can be as involved as you want. Whether you are looking for a review, partial completion or full completion, we can cater to your needs.

Once you have decided which service best suits you we can begin putting together your application. The first stage of the process is a brief telephone interview where your assigned bid writer will get all the required information to turn into completed responses.

This interview does not take very long and just requires details about your organisation and operations in order to create your answers. We will also send a small information matrix to be completed by you. This includes factual information such as company address, staff members, finances and answers to any yes/no questions. This questionnaire is very small and can be populated quickly by a knowledgeable staff member.

Full Completion

We complete all sections of your PAS 91 application, saving you both time and money. All you need to do is submit the finished PQQ.

Fixed Price

Cost for completion is fixed meaning you pay a one-off flat fee in order to qualify, and all submissions are completed quickly and efficiently.

Fully Compliant

As tender writing experts we know exactly what is required and can ensure your full compliance, giving you complete confidence in your submission.

If you would like more information on Pre-qualification questionnaires for construction, please head over to our PQQ construction resources page for important features and more helpful information.

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