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Social value can be a complex and difficult area to understand. Broadly speaking, it means looking at a firm’s contribution to society, within the local community that they work in, and the measurement of this contribution.

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Social Value Training Course

Our social value training courses will provide your team with the skills and knowledge to understand the topic of social value and reasons behind it and, more importantly, how to approach and implement social value in your organisation. This might be as part of your own organisational agenda, or as part of your company’s strategy to secure public sector contracts.

In-house training courses

Our in-house social value training courses are delivered in workshops at your organisation or online, allowing us to tailor the training course to your business and your requirements. The training aims to provide your organisation with a good understanding of what the social value principles are, why social value is in place and how your organisation can evidence and deliver social value in practice.

There are two levels to our training courses: L1 Awareness and L2 Commitment
The L1 Awareness course is suitable for any organisation at any stage in the social value journey, whereas the L2 Commitment course may be more suitable for firms already considering social value within their organisation. The L2 Commitment training agenda delves further into social return on investment (SROI), the maximising of social value, SROI analysis and how to deliver measurable value improvement.

All training courses are delivered by an accredited practitioner in social value and SROI and can be tailored towards the use of social value in public sector procurement, if required.

Benefits of our training

Undertaking social value training and a guide to SROI will provide your organisation with the knowledge and understanding of a movement that will be increasingly important for any business in the coming years. All organisations have a certain responsibility, and by undertaking our training we can help you to identify social value opportunities and future initiatives for your business.