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Our bid writing and tender writing service takes the entire document off your hands; we manage the process from start to finish, completing your bid to the highest standard.

Bid Writing and Tender Writing Services

All your bid writing and tender writing needs, whatever shape or size, will be fulfilled by our professional tender writers and consultants. Upon request, you will receive a fixed fee, no-obligation quotation for our bid and tender writing services. This is tailored to your tender, so you know exactly what you are paying in advance, with no hidden costs.

Expert Bid Writing Services and Support

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the contracts they bid for. While we apply our successful bid writing services (>85% success rate which is fully auditable) to all bid and tender opportunities, we do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. All your bid responses will be written from the bottom up. Our professional bid writers use a persuasive, compelling narrative which showcases your company and highlights its key differentiators and unique selling points. We never just copy and paste or use generic boilerplate text, ensuring each bid response is tailored to your organisation, the tender opportunity and the buyer’s preferences as outlined in the tender documents.

Your firm may be a multinational working across several sectors, and bidding into the private sector, or an SME business applying for local government contracts. Regardless of size, sector or previous tender writing experience, our tender writers can help. We understand bidding for contracts can be time-consuming for your business to complete in-house (tender submissions may have a word count of 10,000 words upwards), and our expert tender writers can take the writing process off your hands.

What Does a Bid Response Look Like?

A strong, competitive bid response will be persuasive, detailed and tailored to the buyer and opportunity. A ‘copy-and-paste’ approach is not enough to create a competitive tender, and will constrain the available marks the tender evaluation committee will award for each bid response. Equally, if you do not dedicate sufficient time to analysing the tender documents, you run the risk of producing bid responses with irrelevant or uncompliant content.

All our in-house, directly employed bid and tender writers follow our tried-and-tested methodology for producing a bespoke, high-quality bid response:

  1. The bid response is compliant with all requirements outlined in the Invitation to Tender (ITT), contract specification and other documents within the tender pack
  2. All elements of the question have been comprehensively addressed, with no gaps or omissions risking loss of marks from the evaluators
  3. Content within the bid response has a clear, logical structure, with graphics/images, tables, bullet points and white space deployed where appropriate, producing a professional, easy to read document
  4. Line-by-line content, such as specific processes and procedures, is smooth, flows well and is easy to follow, avoiding technical language or industry-specific jargon.

In agreement with the client, we will also develop and integrate key differentiators or ‘win themes’ into all bid responses, demonstrating how you are best positioned to deliver the tendered work or service. This can vary from client to client. You may wish to highlight a particular system or technology which provides cost or time savings to the buyer, examples of where you can add value outside the scope of works, or leverage your experience as the incumbent provider to demonstrate how you are best positioned to continue your working partnership.

Why choose Executive Compass

Our team of professional bid writers complete hundreds of tenders each year and will work with your organisation via a consultative approach, to achieve those all-important results.

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Advantages of Our Bid Writing Services

  • You can continue to focus on your core business and business development while our tender writing consultants complete the bid document for you, supporting you to win contracts.
  • Your money will not be wasted, as we don’t take on projects we don’t believe we can win. To support and inform a ‘bid/no-bid’ decision, we will provide you with an honest appraisal on whether we think you have a realistic chance of winning the contract based on the requirements.
  • The quality of work you receive will be guaranteed in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, as we do not use freelance writers, just a team of directly employed bid writers and quality reviewers, and proofreaders.
  • You can rest assured that your tender submission is of the highest quality since a quality reviewer has quality checked the submission against the specification. Our tender writing consultants work with family firms for that ‘must-win’ bid and we provide bid writing and tender management services to blue-chip companies.
  • Your tender responses can be taken from a mark of 7/10 to a 9.5/10 with the knowledge, experience, market research and expertise of our tender writers.
  • Our bid writers have a fully auditable >85% success rate, consistent across all sectors and industries in which we work.

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    Writing a High-Quality Bid

    Each bid response we produce for clients is drafted, reviewed and proofread in accordance with our UKAS-accredited ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ensuring the strongest possible submission on behalf of our clients. Our bid writers follow a tried-and-tested methodology, comprising the following:

    1. Reading all tender documents to gain comprehensive knowledge of the size, scope and geographic region for the opportunity, including any social value commitments the authority has identified as their preferred initiatives.
    2. Breaking down the question into constituent parts, ensuring no aspect of the question has been missed or omitted.
    3. Holding an information-gathering telephone or Microsoft Teams call with your nominated representatives or subject matter experts to gain understanding of your unique working processes or procedures.
    4. Aligning responses with the contract specification to demonstrate how the client will fulfil all requirements of the contract or framework agreement.
    5. Using subheadings and signposting sections to guide the evaluating committee, making it digestible and easy to read.
    6. Including practical examples where appropriate, specific to the industry, to strengthen and enhance the persuasive element of the bid response.
    7. Integrating examples of added value which can be delivered alongside the contractual requirements, ensuring each bid response is competitive and highlights your organisation’s strengths and unique selling points.

    Following this, all quality bid responses are sent to our quality managers or reviewers, who make comments suggesting enhancements, changes or amendments where necessary to strengthen the bid response. At long last, the response is ready for the client review stage, to address comments or placeholders and ensure satisfaction with the completed document.

    Bid Review Services

    If you have internal resources, expertise and experience to support the initial drafting of bid responses, our bid review service can be a cost-effective way of further strengthening your tender. Our methodology for a bid review service proceeds as follows:

    1. Quality responses are provided by your bid writer in MS Word format, to facilitate all feedback and comments using tracked changes and comment functions.
    2. A senior member of the team (e.g. management, senior writer or quality manager) will conduct a line-by-line review of each bid response, making suggestions for potential enhancements or improvements in accordance with the contract specification and other tender documents.
    3. While the review will take into account the structure, style and tone of a bid response, the primary focus will be around improving content and persuasiveness.
    4. Following the review, responses will be returned to you by a date agreed in advance, leaving sufficient time to implement changes in accordance with the bid review service.
    5. All comments will draw heavily on our extensive understanding of the evaluator’s expectations for competitive tender processes, developed by supporting clients with over 7,000 SQ, PQQ and ITT submissions.

    A bid review service can be a cost-effective way of ensuring a compliant, competitive and persuasive tender. This can be combined with our bid writing support to create a bespoke service, tailored to the needs of your organisation and the opportunity you are tendering for. Most of the bid review services we provide only include one round of reviews – however, depending on your needs and given sufficient time, we can provide multiple rounds of redrafted content for bid responses.

    Our Bid Writing Team

    Our bid and tender writers go through a rigorous training programme designed and led by Technical Director Matthew Walker, ensuring they have comprehensive knowledge on how to produce a targeted, persuasive, high-quality bid response across all sectors and industries in which we support – including construction, health and social care, hard and soft facilities management and professional services. Knowledge is reinforced by our 14 years’ experience and involvement in supporting over 7,000 PQQ, SQ and ITT submissions.

    Following approval of our bespoke quotation, you will be assigned and introduced to your lead bid writer for each project. If the tender is particularly large or complex, there may be multiple bid writers supporting the project to ensure all bid responses are drafted, reviewed, amended and ready for the client review stage in advance of the submission deadline.

    For repeat clients who have developed a strong working relationship with a particular bid writer, we will assign them as your account manager, supporting the familiarity they have with your working processes and procedures and approach to tendering. Where appropriate, this will include sending contract notices and tender opportunities hosted on Contracts Finder and Find a Tender, which align with your organisation’s offered works and services and geographic area.

    Improve Your Win Rate with Tender Writing Consultants

    To provide our clients with the greatest likelihood of success, our tender writing consultants provide complete, end-to-end bid management support for each project. However, if you only require tender writing support with certain sections, topics or questions within a bid, our bid writing consultants will flex our support to meet your requirements via a collaborative approach. Information on our scope of works and any exclusions – for example, pricing schedules, hard copies and associated policies or procedures – will be clearly outlined in the unique quotation you receive for each project.

    You can have as much or as little written narrative produced by our experienced bid writers as you require, and we will provide an individual quotation based on the level of bid support needed.

    The approach we use for our bid writing services is structured and systematic. Over 75% of our work comes via repeat business, a testament to our focus on winning tenders and on our high-quality client service. By leveraging our proposal writing knowledge and writing skills across sectors, our bid writing consultants can advise on best practices, industry standards, and most important of all ‘what good looks like’. For larger companies we can help to identify win themes, bid writing strategy, and core competence; smaller companies may just require assistance translating their existing practices into a narrative which will score high marks with the buyer’s evaluation committee.

    One of the most common questions we receive is around timing for public sector tenders. Is it too short a deadline? Can you complete it in the time available? Unlike most of our competitors, we have a directly employed, full-time team of professional bid and tender writers who are here to provide expert tender and bid writing help and consultative advice. Usually, we only assign one bid writer per project, but for short notice projects, we can assign multiple writers to a last-minute submission to ensure on-time completion of the tender.

    For more useful information, visit our How to Write a Tender Bid page in resources.

    Social Value Tender Writing Support

    Social value is a key topic that often carries a high weighting in tender submissions, either as part of the quality assessment or as a section in its own right. With a good social value offering often being the difference between a win and a loss in public sector tendering, organisations of all sizes should be focusing on deciding how they will deliver social value.

    Our specialist division, The Social Value Practice, provides dedicated social value training, writing and consultancy, and helps to support bidders to prepare for, and benefit from, the minimum 10% weighting for social value that is applied across all central government contracts.

    Our bid and tender writing consultants can help you to develop a strong understanding of all key social value concepts, and can provide expert consultancy and support to develop workable initiatives, taking into account your operating space, the size of your organisation and overall value of the tender opportunity.

    Ultimately, this support – offered alongside our bid and tender writing services or as a standalone service – will enable you to know what the buyer is looking for, respond more effectively and be more competitive in the bidding and tendering process.

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