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As bid writers, we’re always looking to improve the way we approach the bidding process. The requirements of bids are constantly changing and whether it’s new legislation or contract stipulations, you always need to be one step ahead.

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On average, our bid writers complete over 550 tender submissions per year for a range of industries and buyers, providing valuable insight into trends, patterns and changes that occur within tender documents.

Different buyers, such as local authorities, universities or private organisations have varying priorities when assembling both technical and selection questionnaires (e.g. customer care, delivery models, social value, etc.) and in order to be successful it is important that bidders address these key areas fully, effectively and concisely in tenders.

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We have been providing bid writing services for a UK-wide fire and security specialist retained client since December 2020. So far, we have submitted over 40 tender submissions, ranging from small local contracts to large nationwide projects.
Bid writer, Ciaran Clint, alongside Stephen Murray, manage the account and they take a look at working with a client on an ongoing basis.

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