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At Executive Compass, our team of professional bid writers complete tender submissions for all industries and every sector.

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Our proven approach to writing winning bids can be applied to a submission of any size, from an owner-managed business through to an international organisation. Regardless of the project, our aim is to give you the highest chance of success to secure that all-important contract.

Our experience

We regularly complete PQQs, SSQs and tender documents for a wide range of industries. Grounds maintenance, health and social care, construction, legal services, translation and interpretation, engineering and recruitment are just a few of the industries we are involved with every day.

Since our formation in 2009, Executive Compass has provided support with over 4,000 bid submissions. This includes more obscure contracts such as dog walking, nuclear decommissioning, funeral services, orthotics and falconry services, to give an indication of the wide scope of clients that we cater for!

Whether you are a national mechanical engineering firm or an owner-managed tree surgeon, our flexible bid writing and training services can meet your requirements.

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