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Supported living covers a broad spectrum of services, designed to help people to live as independently and safely as possible in their own home.

People accessing supported living can live in a wide range of settings such as shared accommodation, a housing association property, or within their own tenancy/home. Recipients of this type of service are adults over the age of 18 with an assessed need such as learning disabilities, or mental health needs.


Our skilled team of in-house bid writers are highly experienced, completing hundreds of tender submissions for supported living contracts or frameworks. Over the years, we have produced winning tenders for social care services for all 32 London borough councils, 27 county councils and almost every borough or city council in the UK. Examples of projects we have worked on previously include:

  • Cambridgeshire County Council – supported living services for adults with a learning disability
  • Islington Council – DPS for supported living services for adults with learning disabilities
  • Newcastle City Council – enhanced supported living service for people with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions
  • South Ayrshire Council – framework agreement for supported living and personal care in the community for adults with learning disabilities
  • The Borough Council of Gateshead – the provision of outcome-focussed support for people living at home and in the community

Further contracts we have secured for our clients can be found here.

Key themes

Through this experience, Executive Compass has amassed exceptional knowledge and understanding of the key themes associated with supported living submissions, and what scores highly across the common topics we see day in, day out. When writing supported living tenders, emphasis is placed on:

  • Independent living skills – evaluators want bidders to demonstrate that they have active strategies in place to upskill people and enable them to complete daily life tasks such as cooking and cleaning
  • Achievement of outcomes – it is important that companies are very specific about how they will identify what is important to that individual, and what they want to achieve, and then how they will work towards these long-term goals
  • Choice and control – supported living services are focused on helping people to live independently, which includes involving them in shaping the support they receive and supporting them to lead autonomous lives.
  • Keeping people safe – bidders must demonstrate they have robust management measures in place to safeguard people from harm in a supported living setting.

A dedicated writer will work in partnership with you to emphasise your approach to delivering these key themes within the tender. Our support will help to identify the benefits your organisation can bring to people in a supported living setting and highlight what makes your company unique.


One challenge associated with tendering for this service is identifying what constitutes a supported living contract, as they can often be confused with residential support, or other accommodation-based services such as extra care schemes. The key difference is that people in a supported living service are responsible for their own cost of living.

This service allows people to live much more independently, whilst still receiving support maintaining their home, managing their finances and bills, and accessing the community.

Approximately 30-40% of all tenders Executive Compass complete are within the health and social care sector, demonstrating that we have an abundance of experience completing submissions across wide-ranging support-related services. Our team is well-equipped to help bidders to navigate the variety of health and social care opportunities available, and to identify which ones are right for you.

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