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PQQ Writing Resources

How to complete Pre-Qualification Questionnaires

Writing a PQQ should be managed like a project, and this is even more important if some of the responsibility can be undertaken by your work force. You must ensure that each team member knows exactly what their responsibilities are, what they are doing and when.

Before you start writing a PQQ, it is essential to do the following:

  • Read the specification
  • Read the specification again
  • Make a ‘bid or no bid’ decision (based on whether your company can fulfil all areas of the contract)
  • Read the requirements for completing the PQQ (i.e. word count, attachments)

Remember that this stage of the bid process is designed to exclude not include. So when you are writing a PQQ you need to leave no room for exclusion.

PQQ completion Advice

The evaluators marking your PQQ have very strict marking criteria. It is a tick box exercise which determines whether or not your company meets the requirements of the contract.
Avoid wasting your company’s time by sticking closely to the questions. Any additional information will not be marked and will be disregarded – save this for the next stage.

A PQQ is not just a questionnaire and does require a large amount of care and attention from not just one person, but form all of the key people in your business.

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