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Due to the large amount of writers plagiarising our website and download copy we would like to remind you that;

  • Executive Compass Business Consultants Ltd. (ECBC) is protected by the UK Digital Economy Bill.
  • Executive Compass Business Consultants Ltd. will impose a penalty of up to
    £5,000 for any content that has been highlighted as copyright material taken from
  • Should the third party fail to acknowledge the infringement, ECBC will take legal action which could see third parties paying a maximum of £50,000.
  • Any third party that has been found to have used copyright material in any shape or form without the express permission of ECBC will be sent confirmation of the breach of copyright in writing.
  • Should the third party remove all copyright material then the applicable fine may be reduced to £800.
  • Should the third party fail to remove content or benefit commercially we will take all reasonable steps to terminate an individual’s internet access for up to one year after a third violation of intellectual property laws for downloading unauthorised ECBC content.

Communication and Complaints

All legal communications and requests for information are to be directed to: