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The facilities management (FM) sector covers a wide range of operations, generally split into ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ service provision.

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Facilities management services refers to all the services required for the management of a building to increase or maintain its value. Hard services relate to the actual physical built environment, with a focus on infrastructure, whereas soft services are the internal space, the people and the organisation; for example, ensuring the environment is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Recent analysis by KPMG and MBD estimated the overall value of the UK facilities management sector to be approximately £81 billion (2010), demonstrating the wide-ranging opportunities available to SMEs bidding into this sector.

Examples of contract opportunities for FM hard services:

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance and repairs.
  • Maintenance of CCTV systems or fire alarm systems.
  • Planned preventative maintenance services.
  • Heating systems.
  • General building maintenance.
  • Air conditioning maintenance.

Examples of contract opportunities for FM soft services:

  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Waste management/disposal and recycling services
  • Pest control
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Move management (churn services)

Every day, private and public organisations choose to outsource many of these services, putting both hard and soft facilities management contracts out to tender and the procurement process. This includes the delivery of building contracts for major buildings, new facilities, the redevelopment of existing spaces, major refurbishments varying in scope and value, and planned or preventative maintenance services. There are a whole host of facilities management tender opportunities in the public sector arena.

Facilities Management Tenders

Executive Compass have worked on hundreds of PQQ and tender submissions in the facilities management sector, including notable facilities management opportunities for high profile buyers, such as:

  • Fusion21 framework: compliance and facilities management framework.
  • ESPO: grounds maintenance service framework.
  • Environment Agency: maintenance of air conditioning and duct works at the Thames Barrier.
  • University of Reading: maintenance of commercial gas and oil services.
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive: maintenance and improvement service.
  • Council of Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association: mechanical and electrical services preventative maintenance service.
  • Hyde Group: HPS subcontractor services framework.

This demonstrates the extent of our experience in creating high-quality responses for the facilities management sector; and knowledge of the procurement process from start to finish. Our highly experienced bid writers have created responses for clients, delivering all the FM services mentioned above (both hard and soft), and have particular expertise working on contracts involving grounds maintenance, mechanical and electrical maintenance and repairs, and general building maintenance.

Collectively, we have won contracts worth in excess of £1 billion across the facilities management sector, and we are well-placed to help you improve your own success rate.

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    Key challenges when bidding for FM contracts

    One key challenge faced when bidding into the facilities management services sector is the sheer volume of available bids and tenders for facilities management, and the uncertainty faced by many bidders on which contract or opportunity is right for them. Large frameworks, such as the Hyde Group subcontractor framework in July 2017, include an extremely wide range of both hard and soft services, such as carpentry, roofing, plumbing, electrical services, waste management and plastering/painting services. Bidders often face difficulties identifying what to bid for, and what contracts, frameworks or lots are right for them in the procurement process.

    Advice from professional bid writers

    Executive Compass will provide expert consultancy, and honest guidance and advice. Our services include a ‘bid, no bid’ advisory stage, and if we believe a contract is not right for you, we will always advise you before you choose to bid for the opportunity. In addition, we are well-placed to look out for suitable facilities management opportunities for your organisation, and support you at each stage of the tendering process.

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