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Central and local government authorities regularly issue invitations to tender for recruitment contracts and frameworks. Our team of bid writers are highly experienced in writing high-quality responses, including case studies and social value submissions.

Since our inception in 2009, we have supported with hundreds of recruitment tenders, helping clients to win contracts and grow their business. Success for our clients also aids the government in addressing key skills gaps across different sectors and industries.

For example, the UK Trade Skills index has calculated the construction industry will require 937,000 new recruits over the next decade, with 35% of the workforce aged 50 or over. Equally, there are around 100,000 vacancies in health and social care and a 110,000 staffing gap for the NHS, figures which are projected to grow over the next decade.

Consequently, recruitment tenders may be looking for candidates in the following areas:

  • Medical professionals and staff, including doctors, nurses, health science staff and social workers and carers
  • Executive and professional services roles filling vacancies for business management, legal professionals and human resources candidates
  • Trades professionals, comprising electricians, gas engineers, construction workers and roofers/scaffolders
  • Soft FM services such as cleaning, catering and security operatives, in both temporary and full-time capacities
  • IT Services and digital management, providing staffing solutions for data engineers, front- and back-end developers, and technical support.

Our experience writing recruitment tender responses

Executive Compass have supported with hundreds of recruitment submissions covering the industries and sectors outlined above. Recent examples of recruitment tenders and frameworks our bid writers have completed includes:

  • HealthTrust Europe National and International Permanent Recruitment
  • Crown Commercial Services, Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff
  • Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO), Strategic HR Services
  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium, Temporary and Permanent Staffing
  • Crown Commercial Services, National Framework for the Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing
  • Clwyd Alyn Housing Association, Health and Social Care Agency Staffing
  • NHS Workforce Alliance, National Framework for the Provision of Non-Clinical Staffing.

We have also supported with opportunities for local councils and devolved authorities, including Scottish buyers. Our bid writers are trained to analyse the tender documents and question set, tailoring responses to the needs and priorities of each organisation – resulting in a high-scoring, competitive submission.

Key themes and topics of recruitment tenders

Due to the breadth of our experience, our team of bid and tender writers and reviewers are highly experienced in common topics and question sets found within recruitment tenders. Some examples of these include:

Processes for attracting suitable candidates

Innovative, dynamic processes for recruiting to fill vacancies are becoming utilised more and more frequently as part of normal recruitment processes. For a recruitment tender, buyers will want to know you will be attracting and engaging with a suitable number and quality of candidates. To effectively evidence this, examples within responses may include:

  • Posting vacancies on digital platforms such as job boards, or relevant social media (e.g. Linkedin)
  • Giving clear role descriptions and requirements, including salary expectations, relevant degrees or minimum acceptable IELTS scores to automatically shortlist candidates
  • Emphasising the benefits of the role, such as the payment of Real Living Wage or any schemes applicants will benefit from.

Legal and best practice vetting of candidates

Particularly relevant for the recruitment of international staff, authorities will often include a question around your processes for vetting candidates to ensure

  • Verifying certifications and accreditations for specific industries or sectors where it is a legal requirement to possess that accreditation – for example, Gas Safe registration for heating engineers
  • Checking employment and character references to confirm the work experience and history provided by the candidate is accurate
  • Identity checks by inspecting recommended forms of evidence (such as passports or visas) and, where possible or specified, face-to-face interviews
  • Completing ‘right to work’ checks in accordance with Home Office guidance and other relevant legislations (such as the Immigration Act 2016).

Meeting peaks and troughs in demand

Over the contract or framework term, demand to provide candidates and fill suitable positions can be variable, particularly for short-term or temporary staffing solutions. Authorities may therefore include a quality question around your capacity and capability to scale recruitment upwards, while still adhering to quality and compliance processes.

Providing additional staff roles

Although the tender exercise will be looking to fill specific roles, there may be additional scope to recruit and place candidates outside of the positions within the contract specification. This is particularly relevant for facilities management recruitment tenders. For example, a tender requiring placement for school cleaning staff may also require catering vacancies to be filled at a later date.

Responses to these quality questions are a good opportunity to demonstrate the variability within your organisation’s recruitment practices, in addition to providing suitably qualified and experienced staff at short notice.

Bid and tender writing, review and consultancy support

Our bid and tender writers have industry-specific knowledge and insight to help you succeed with your tender submission. Services we provide can be tailored to the needs and experience of your organisation:

  • Bid and tender writing support, where one of our expert writers produces high-quality narrative responses in alignment with the tender documents and themes of the opportunity, tailored to your organisation
  • Bid review service involve a senior member of the team (typically a quality manager) conducts a line-by-line review of your responses, with comments aimed at improving and enhancing existing content
  • Bid writing training tailored to your organisation’s bidding maturity, with specialist modules including developing social value and community benefits initiatives and responding to quality questions
  • Pre- and post-bid consultancy strategically targeted to the opportunity in question, which can involve answer planning, developing key win themes and differentiators or reviewing feedback to support continuous improvement.

Our services can also be combined as you see fit, creating a truly bespoke service. To find out more, contact a member of our sales and marketing team today and get a free, no-obligation consultation or quotation.

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