The Social Value Practice

In 2020, Executive Compass launched a specialist division, The Social Value Practice, to provide expert social value support, both for tendering and as a standalone consultancy service.

Social value in tendering

As the only tender writing company in the UK with a dedicated social value team, we are uniquely placed to offer high levels of support for social value tender questions, training and social value consultancy.

As the requirements for companies bidding for public sector contracts have adapted to incorporate higher weightings and emphasis on social value, Executive Compass has maintained a strong focus on this area for a number of years. Therefore, it was a natural step to provide specialist and dedicated social value tendering support via a separate company division, The Social Value Practice.

Our unique value proposition provides practical support to firms bidding into the public sector who may need help with responding to tender questions and the subsequent implementation and monitoring of their social value initiatives.

For a lot of firms tendering for public sector contracts, social value can be a challenging topic in terms of understanding, measuring and conveying outcomes. We aim to dispel the myths around social value and get businesses invested in social value in relation to tendering in a way that will support them to win more public sector contracts.

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Our aim

The passing of the Public Services (Social Value) Act in 2012 (Social Value Act) changed the way publicly accountable organisations contract. It has meant that local needs and local businesses could be prioritised, and redefined “Best Economic Value” (BEV). Our involvement in writing tenders made us realise that we could contribute by helping our clients win more tenders at the same time as contributing to the success of their local community.

The aim of the Social Value Practice is to help organisations meet the requirements of the Act but, importantly, to help them to provide real social value and impact by doing the right thing, at the right time for the right people.

Our goal is to make social value easily understandable for every organisation and to provide advice and consultancy so all can benefit from the social value and the wider impacts on society.

The Social Value Practice was founded by Neil Capstick and Dr Hugo Minney in 2020. With over 20 years’ management and leadership experience in a business consultancy role, and currently studying for a doctorate in social value, Neil has significant practical and theoretical knowledge of all aspects of social value and tendering. Hugo is the chair of various charities, author of “Social Return on Investment (SROI): A powerful tool for the realisation of benefits” and an accredited social value practitioner. Stephen Kennett, Director of Social Value, supports Neil and Hugo. Stephen is an experienced and accomplished bid professional who has significant experience in social value in procurement and is trained in SROI tools and techniques.


The Social Value Practice’s core services are training and providing expert assistance, in partnership with Executive Compass with social value tender questions. The two levels of training, L1 Awareness and L2 Commitment, allow the courses to be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. The training focuses on companies recognising their social value and developing their understanding of the topic, as well as the impact of the minimum 10% weighting on social value for all central government contracts from January 2021, and what this means for your business.

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