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At Executive Compass, we provide professional PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire), and SQ (selection questionnaire) writing services, supporting you to progress to the next stage in the bidding process.

When a buyer is seeking to procure a supplier for a contract, potential companies will be evaluated using a bidding process. The PQQ/SQ is the initial stage in the bidding process, acting as a pre-selection process to remove any companies from the tendering process that are not suitable. If you are successful at PQQ stage, then you will be invited to the tender stage. The PQQ is sometimes referred to as an SSQ (standard selection questionnaire), which serves the same purpose as the PQQ.

When writing a PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire), the purpose is to persuade the reader you have the prerequisite experience, knowledge and capability to undertake the work you are bidding for.

The completion of the PQQ/SQ is the first stage of the bid process. If your PQQ/SQ is successful, you will be shortlisted and advance to the next stage of the bid process, the invitation to tender (ITT). Our professional PQQ writers are here to assist you every step of the way.

PQQ Writing Services

Getting past the PQQ process stage is about three key things:

  1. Meeting minimum requirements
  2. Compliance
  3. Past experience.

Past experience is often the most important factor. According to research we have conducted, failing to effectively demonstrate experience and capabilities is the most common reason why companies fail to progress to the next stage in the bidding process. In a PQQ, experience and organisational capabilities to deliver the contract can be demonstrated through case studies, organisational charts and CVs.

Although marks from the PQQ are not carried forward to the ITT, we have found that firms who come first or second at PQQ stage often leave a favourable impression with the authority, usually going on to win the tender. This is due to their approach and general competence when it comes to tendering. Your approach to bid and tender writing will be assessed as being similar to that of your approach to PQQ writing.

Our PQQ Writing Service

If you are going to be shortlisted to submit a tender document, your pre-qualification questionnaire writing has to be of the highest standard.

Many companies return to us time and time again to complete pre-qualification questionnaires on their behalf because of our service promises and customer care:

Best price

We provide competitive and cost-effective PQQ writing alternatives to completing your PQQs in-house. All our quotations are based on the volume of work and level of support that you require.

Highest quality

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance systems are among the best available, so you can be assured the quality of the service you are receiving is of the highest standard and quality.

All submissions are reviewed Internally

As part of our PQQ writing quality control, all submissions are proofread by an independent proofreader, which is included in the cost.

Fastest turnaround

We have a team of directly employed specialist bid writers who can write for any industry and who can complete your submission as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

In-house PQQ writers

You don’t have to worry about quality management or missed deadlines. You will have the same bid writer for each submission we complete for you. Over time this reduces cost and improves win rates. Your PQQ is not completed around other competing priorities and all our PQQ writers work to a strict writing plan and keep you informed of progress throughout the whole process.

Free formatting and template design (where required)

Formatting and design can have a big impact on your success at PQQ stage, and we provide all formatting and template design services free of charge.

General procurement advice is provided free of charge

Previously we have helped companies to make informed decisions around a range of problematic issues, for example, analysis of the cost benefit of implementing ISO quality management systems or the impact poor accounts can have on your submission.

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    The Benefits of Our PQQ Writing Service

    Your company can benefit from our pre-qualification questionnaire writing service by receiving a submission that has been completed to the highest standard and that ensures you comply with all the requirements outlined in the document. You are in good hands, as our writers have completed thousands of successful bids and know exactly what the contracting authority is looking for. This means you can win new business, gain market share and increase your profits.

    We like our clients to win work, so we will not take on your project if we do not believe you have a good chance of success. We will help you make an -informed ‘bid or no bid’ decision, based on your company’s current position and the questions outlined in the pre-qualification questionnaire. This way your money is not wasted if you do not have a realistic chance of securing the contract.

    Additional PQQ Services

    In addition to our professional PQQ writing services, we offer PQQ training courses to support you with in-house tendering, and a review service to provide an objective review based on the buyer’s requirements.

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