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Our bid and tender writing resources provide valuable insight into the tendering process and what it takes to secure a contract.

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How Can You Write a Winning Tender?

When bid and tender writing, the purpose is to persuade the reader to buy from you or to allow you to progress on to the next stage of the bid process. This requires much more consideration and thought than a standard letter or report writing. To find out how we can help check out our bid writer services, or check out our bid writing resources.

Give The Reader What They Want

Bid and tender assessors will have very strict guidelines and marking criteria, so it is no good saving the best until last. Providing assessors with the information they want upfront will help to generate their interest. A successful tender should focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is it about your company that makes it special?
  • How does this give you a competitive edge?
  • What can you do for them?
  • What is the benefit of this?
  • What is your approach?
  • What added value does this give?

When writing a tender, it is important to remember that you will be competing against other companies. Having an effective tender, which clearly conveys information to the assessor, will help your tender stand out compared to competitors.

If you would like further assistance on how to write a winning tender, and want to improve your bid writing skills, we also offer expert bid writing courses throughout the UK.

Give them exactly what they want, in the order that they want it. And remember that your competitors will also be doing this, and so when you are writing a tender, you need to be the best.

If you would like further assistance about how to write a winning tender, don’t forget that we offer expert bid writing courses throughout the UK.

Why Should They Read On?

You must give the assessors a reason to be interested in the information you are providing in your tender. Think about why you are writing a tender and why they are reading it in the first place. They are evaluating what you are proposing, in order to do two things: to get through the formal evaluation process (completion of scoring forms), and to make a selection.

When they read your bid documentation, they are looking for the best (or worst) way to score you that the rules allow and why they should/should not select you. Don’t give them a reason to de-select you. Grabbing the reader’s interest from the outset and holding it by clearly portraying ‘what is in it’ for them will significantly increase your chances of success in the tender process.

Please visit our resources on ‘Writing a PQQ’ if you would like more useful information and professional advice.

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