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Our resources are designed to improve your bidding knowledge and your tender writing skills.

We have compiled a number of resources to assist you throughout the bidding process. Whether you are looking for further information, or tips to improve your writing, our resources cover a multitude of topics and are available free.

Bid & Tender Writing Resources

Bid and tender writing can be a complex procedure, but we have put together a number of articles to help you understand the bid and tender process and the necessary stages in creating a compelling bid. Our material covers the basic facts, general rules for tendering and much more. Read more about our bid & tender writing resources.

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PQQ Writing

Our section on PQQ writing covers the pre-qualification questionnaire from start to finish. We explain what you should do before writing a PQQ, how to complete the document, the scoring system and more so that you are well equipped to pass through to the tender stage of the bidding process.
Find out more in our PQQ writing resources.

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If the PQQ and tender jargon is proving difficult for you to get your head around, visit our glossary for an explanation of all bid writing.

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Government Contract Notices

On a daily basis we publish a number of live contract notices for you to download for free. The contracts cover a range of services, values, and geographical areas so that you can select an opportunity that is relevant to your business. Once you have downloaded the PDF contract notice, please contact us if you require any further assistance.

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Our downloads are completely free. The documents cover a range of topics, from top tender writing tips to checklists and case study templates. The downloads are there to guide you through the bid writing process and then improve your bid writing skills and competences, so that you have the knowledge and skills to win a tender. See the range of bid and tender related documents available to download for free.

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The frequently asked questions page answers all the common questions about how our bid writing process works, how much our bid and tender services cost and how much involvement is required from your company. If you feel your tendering questions are still unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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