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Our full bid management service provides a comprehensive solution to suit your business needs. Customised for your business and project needs, our approach is fast, flexible and effective to manage your bid and tender submissions from start to finish.

Our Bid and Tender Management Services

Bid Strategy

It can be tempting to start writing as soon as you receive a tender; however, it is important that you carefully plan all aspects of your bid and tender application. As part of our bid management, tender management services and tender and bid writing services, we work with you to develop an effective bid strategy that works for your business with the bid management services we offer explained below.

Bid Writing and Capture Planning

Have you identified your win theme and what your unique selling points (USPs) are? If not, our bid writers and our complete tender management service can help you to leverage even the smallest advantage into a contract-winning idea. All companies need an edge. So, whether you are a small independent company, an SME or a blue chip PLC, we can help you to build a persuasive and compelling narrative into your tender responses, which will win you more work.

Bid Design, Layout and Formatting

E-tendering has not removed the ability to add a design element to your submission in the tender process with images, formatting and design elements often allowed. Where formatting is heavily dictated by the buyer, even the use of white space, bullets and standardised indents and font can make a difference in terms of readability, which should not be overlooked. Our bid writers take all this into account as part of our writing and tender management services when presenting your final draft of tender responses.


No one can effectively proofread their own work. Our tender management service includes proofreading of the completed tender by an external and independent professional third-party company as part of the service by our bid team. This enhances the professional feel of the overall submission, with grammatical mistakes that can come across as messy and unprofessional removed.

Your Bid, Your Choice

You remain in control of the final version via structured meetings, reviews, and the use of our bespoke bid management process.

Regardless of the size, scope or complexity of the bid, our bid and tender management services have been proven to be successful for managing a variety of bids and increasing your chances of winning another contract. Our bid management service can be provided either on site or remotely, or by using a blended approach of embedded staff with remote support from our office. We also provide interim bid managers for longer-term projects.

Elements of Bid Management

We can be involved in your bid process as much or as little as you like, providing services tailored to your specific needs. During initial discussions we can agree what assistance is required to fulfil your current needs –to create your own unique bid management service, these elements include:

Bid Writing and Management

Overall strategy, themes, storyline, win plan, customer focus, value management, team coordination and supervision and compliance. This forms the core of your bid management service.


Bid meetings, team coordination, creative workshops, problem-solving, option appraisal, bid and tender reviews.

Tender Documentation

Structure, layout, formatting, design and graphics. It is important to know how to structure a bid or tender and we are experts at managing this for you.

Submission and Documentation

The final stage in the bid management process needs to be done correctly. Our bid consultants can provide support for submitting your bids and tenders with the correct supporting documentation and appendices, ensuring the hard work that has gone into the bid management process is not let down by errors in the final stage.

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    How Our Bid Management Services Can Help

    We specialise in handling the full tender management process for companies across all industries, using a range of project management tools. For each new client we create a unique package that allows us to gain an insight into your business in order to produce the best quality submission.

    Depending on the work required we will either work remotely or on your site. Smaller tender submissions can be managed via telephone, video calls and email contact, whereas larger pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) and tenders may require on-site working, or a site visit depending on the nature of the works tendered for.

    For repeat clients, we conduct interviews via telephone or video call with service and subject matter experts to increase efficiencies and reduce the time regular clients spend providing information. This way, your tender writer can create a full bid management library to aid the completion of future submissions and bid writing projects for aspects such as case studies and company information.

    Many companies approach us before a contract is even released, which allows us to complete a full, bid ready audit. This ultimately saves time and improves bid quality when the tender is released.

    Why is Bid and Tender Management Important to Businesses?

    For many companies the key to new business development and expansion is through competitive tendering in the public sector as it often guarantees a pipeline of work. It’s important to have an understanding of bid and contract management and how to beat the competition to gain winning tenders.

    Failing to effectively manage the bid and tender process can impact your ability to win contracts, gain new customers and grow your business.

    Executive Compass Can Help with your Bid and Tender Management

    If you are struggling with your bid management or tender management, then we would recommend contacting our team of professionals to discuss complete tender management for your next bid.

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