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Read our quick tender information guide to learn how to use our professional bid writers to your best advantage. Get in touch with Executive Compass, one of the few ISO-certified bid writing companies in the UK, to make sure you are supported to submit the highest quality and professional tender submission.

Rules On the Tender Process And Documentation

As a professional bid writing organisation, we are highly familiar with the recurrent and mandated documents that form the invitation to tender, and how these should be completed and submitted. This includes:

  • A selection questionnaire – these always follow a standardised process and request:
    • Basic company information such as name, registration number, address, person of significant control, and if you are an SME
    • Required memberships/accreditations – for example, care providers must have a valid CQC registration
    • Financials and insurance levels
    • Self-certification regarding grounds for exclusion.

Once you have completed one of these, we advise you to keep a copy, and all supporting documentation at hand as you will be able to refer back in the future, expediting the tender process. Whilst this may feel monotonous, it is important to check and recheck as missing a section or including incorrect information can lead to the non-compliant bid and your entire submission will be discounted.

  • Policies, procedures and documentation – do you have all of your certificates (insurance, health and safety, bank references, etc.), policies (environmental, equality, health and safety, waste management, recruitment and retention, training and development) and procedures (disaster management, staff handbook) to hand and in a format which a contracting authority will understand?
  • References and examples are necessary to show you have a good track record of success and customer satisfaction. Can you pull such examples at short notice, secure in the knowledge that your existing clients will back you up?
  • Quality questions – set by the buyer, these are used to assess the bidding organisation’s competency and ability to deliver the services and will carry a significant weighting.
  • Pricing element – requiring the bidding organisation to provide a detailed breakdown of delivery costs. To be competitive we suggest doing this on a contract-by-contract basis rather than using a ‘standardised’ pricing list.

Understanding the tender process and what the buyer wants is only half the battle. If you do not have suitably qualified staff who have the time to devote to writing large-scale, complex documents, or contingency for sickness we would advise outsourcing to a reputable bid writing consultancy.

If you are missing any of these basic features for your tender, you are limiting your organisation’s success in the tendering process and are more likely to miss out on winning contracts.

What Can We Do For You?

Executive Compass are on hand to help with our range of services to suit your every need.

  • Tender management systems can be put in place within your company or maintained by Executive Compass, so we can alert you of new contracts as they become available, help you manage the tendering process and ensure success.
  • Our trained and experienced tender consultants are highly qualified and have a wide range of practical business experience to write tender documentation on your behalf. We always assign two members of staff to every project to ensure sickness and holiday cover.
  • If you wish to retain the tender writing function in-house, we can offer bid & tender writing training services to show your staff how to carry out these functions in an efficient, professional and productive manner that will lead to success.
  • We can review and, if necessary, rewrite and re-present your documentation, policies and procedures to make sure you provide all the backup you need to prove you can do what you say you can do.
  • We can go over your previous projects and pull out concrete examples of your success and help you put together references and other documentation.

If you are struggling to understand tenders as a whole, the Executive Compass team can simplify the bid and tender process. Whether you simply need additional guidance during your tender writing, or if you want our specialists to write your document, we offer bespoke services that are designed to fit your needs.

We hope you have found this quick tender info guide helpful. If you are looking for tender writing services, contact our team of specialists today

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