Pre-qualification questionnaire for the construction industry

A pre-qualification questionnaire, otherwise known as a PQQ, is a pre-tender document, commonly used in the construction industry as part of a tender process. A pre-qualification document for construction company sets out a number of questions for potential applicants to asses their ability to undertake the proposed tender.

PQQs For Construction industry

PQQs in construction

If you are a construction company keen to expand your customer base or are working as a supplier to the construction industry, it is likely you need to engage with the concept of the pre-qualification questionnaire.

Pre-qualification questionnaires are common in the construction industry. There are many framework agreements where a number of construction companies are listed as preferred suppliers for a large organisation or local authority, and with so many companies applying for so many contracts, the pre-qualification questionnaire becomes a must for selecting construction contractors.

If you’re in the construction industry, you are probably aware of tenders and completing those long, often complicated, documents. But what is a pre-qualification questionnaire, and how does it work with construction?

A pre-qualification questionnaire (or PQQ) is a pre-tender document, and broadly a PQQ is a list of questions for a potential supplier. It does what it says on the tin: it qualifies you to go through to the tender stage. It is important to note that the PQQ has a job to do: eliminating applicants for a tender process. If you don’t fulfil the criteria in a PQQ, you will not go through to the next round. Within construction, there is also the PAS 91, which was introduced as a standardised questionnaire, aiming to reduce the need for suppliers to complete a multitude of questionnaires for different projects.

Important features of a PQQ for construction

All PQQs share common features. These are some of the most vital ones for a construction company:

✓ Health & Safety policies & procedures

Building sites can be dangerous to builders and passers-by/residents, so you need to prove you have the necessary controls in place

✓ Financial information

Prove you won’t go bust before completing the project

✓ Environmental/Sustainability issues

Are you using the most environmentally friendly materials and disposing of waste in an appropriate manner?

Writing long documents and preparing and providing all the necessary documentation and certification may not be your strong point. If you have administrative support staff who are competent to handle such tasks on top of their everyday routine, then set them the project of completing your first pre-qualification questionnaire. If your talents lie elsewhere, consider outsourcing your PQQ and tender writing.

The pre-qualification questionnaire is important in the construction industry. Don’t allow yourselves to get weeded out at the first opportunity. Toughen up that procedure and policy documentation and make sure you resource your PQQ completion adequately. Start winning PQQs and gaining the chance to really shine at the tender stage so you secure more contracts.

If you’re trying to increase your customer base but you’re having trouble completing pre-qualification questionnaires for the construction industry, get in touch with Executive Compass. We have proven results PQQ completion, and can help you achieve success and profitability. Contact us now.

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