Information On Tendering For Contracts

Information On Tendering For Contracts

How are you planning to build your business? Did you realise that tendering for contracts can bring you big, reliable, regular new customers? And did you realise that our professional Tender Writing team can help you achieve this?

What do you mean by tendering for contracts?

Companies that want to buy goods or services on a bulk or regular basis will seek to appoint suppliers through a process that will enable value for money, due diligence and fair dealings. If the contract is large enough, there is a requirement by the central government that they advertise the contract publicly and ask companies to bid for it. This is especially true of public sector contracts, which are currently advertised via the Find a Tender Service.

As a supplier of goods or services that the procuring company wants to purchase, you will be asked to submit information on your prices, like with a standard price quotation, but also your availability, capacity and competence to fulfil the job advertised – the invitation to tender.

And tendering for contracts is a bit like replying to job advertisements, complete with tests and interviews at the pre-qualification stage.

The first stage of this process is monitoring tender alerts and identifying public sector tender opportunities. Much like a job advert, information on live contracts is publicly available and companies can view all government tenders that are advertised, that they may wish to bid for. The government website Contracts Finder publishes all tender contracts that are worth over £10,000, with information on the tender opportunity and how you apply.

You are likely to be asked to provide the following kinds of information:

✓  Your company background – Size and financials (including bank references and insurances)

✓  Your staff – Including the management team, key personnel and personnel who would handle the work being advertised

✓  Your company workflows – As well as internal procedures

✓  Your company policies – How they match legal and standards requirements, generally, and for your particular business sector

✓  How you approach training – Equalities, quality and the environment, among other issues

✓  How you have handled other, similar contracts – In the past, and possibly references from those clients

✓ How you would handle various future scenarios – Including handover at the start and end of the contract, problems and conflicts

Oh, and did we mention that you will be in competition with other companies in your business sector, both locally and potentially around the world, who are all seeking to provide their best responses to the above requests, too?

How do I go about submitting tenders?

Tendering for contracts is a highly competitive and complex business. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, and it’s not really something you can learn as you go along, without making expensive and potentially embarrassing mistakes and losses. That’s why so many companies use Executive Compass to take the weight off their shoulders, trusting to the experts to do it right the first time.

At Executive Compass we can:

• Give you training on the contracts process – in your own office, at your convenience• Check through previous documentation you have produced to identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Write and produce your tender documentation based on facts we glean about your business and company: all tailor-made, nothing off the peg• Gather feedback for you about both your submission and those of other companies (and protect your submissions from anyone doing the same to you)

Whether you’re new to the whole process of tendering for contracts or you know you’re not 100% effective at doing so, call us today to discuss your requirements.

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Get a FREE consultation

Request a callback with a member of our Bid Team or contact us by telephone on 0800 612 5563, direct to mobile 07739 407746 or via email

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