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On average, our bid writers complete over 550 tender submissions per year for a range of industries and buyers, providing valuable insight into trends, patterns and changes that occur within tender documents.

Different buyers, such as local authorities, universities or private organisations have varying priorities when assembling both technical and selection questionnaires (e.g. customer care, delivery models, social value, etc.) and in order to be successful it is important that bidders address these key areas fully, effectively and concisely in tenders.

Posted in Tender Writing & Bid Management

This guest blog post is from one of our quality managers and bid reviewer, John Winder, and looks at how our bid review process works.

Reviewing responses produced by our team of professional bid writers, prior to them being submitted, is a critical part of the quality assurance process embedded within our quality management system. This is UKAS ISO9001:2015 certified, and it is a huge focus within our organisation.

Posted in Tender Writing & Bid Management

Many organisations view the tendering process as a ‘necessary evil’ that enables them to win contracts and deliver services on behalf of public sector organisations and private companies. In practice, it is a highly valuable and insightful process that enables a competitive marketplace to be maintained where UK suppliers have the opportunity to expand their portfolio through a fair and transparent process.

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