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What a Bid Writer Does


A bid writer is the person within an organisation who completes PQQs and tenders in order to secure contracts for the business. It is one of the most important positions in any organisation and one which takes a special sort of person.

The hours it takes to complete a bid means that you need to be incredibly organised and dedicated. In an environment with never ending deadlines you also need to have a cool head.

Analyse the bid

When the documents are released the bid writer needs to analyse the submission thoroughly to determine the best course of action, as well as make an informed bid/no bid decision.

Before beginning any actual writing the tender may be split up into sections for ease of completion. Should a bid team be involved then it will be divided amongst team members by a bid manager. Data sections can easily be completed once all the information is gained.

As part of the analysis, a list will be created of all required documentation and accreditations, along with any major points that need special attention. This can include word count, format, font size etc. – anything that could cause the submission to fail.

Work closely with the company

As no bid writer will have all the answers to the questions it is their job to work very closely with the relevant technical heads and service specialists in order to gain all the required information.

Working closely with the company is a necessity in order to both create the best possible bid and create something that everyone is happy with. Typically, interviews will be conducted with specific departments and this information will be used to respond to the questions.

Over time a bid library will make this process easier and the writer can simply draw information from here. This eventually makes the process very fast and a lot simpler.

Bid Writing

Once the writer has all the information needed to complete a section they will begin writing the bid. The initial work will lay the foundations for the final submission and after thorough quality assurance and proofing, the answers can be marked as complete.

Bid writing is incredibly creative and is a skill that is difficult to teach. It requires a creative application of dry, factual information that also needs to be informative and persuasive.

A well-crafted answer even has the ability to pave over potential cracks and provide assurances for any negative impressions the contracting authority may have.

Compile the documents

When all sections are completed the documents need to be compiled. This includes all necessary policies and procedures, accreditations and any required supporting documents.

This process is a lot harder than it sounds as anything that is left out can result in a failed submission.

This process may also involve the placing of everything into a template or custom designed bid – just another way in which a bid writer needs to be creative. Once completed the bid can finally be submitted.

At Executive Compass we employ professional bid writers and bid managers who have all been trained internally to meet our high standards. Using our services will guarantee your company a submission of the highest possible quality.

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