What Does a Bid Writing Firm do?

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A bid writing company offers a variety of services to help businesses competing for both public and private sector contracts.

These services include management, writing, training, proof-reading, reviewing and additional added value services. However, many people often wonder what we do on a day-to-day basis. This blog is here to let you into the world of a bid writing company.

Research and interviews

As a bid writer a lot of time is devoted to interviewing clients and researching industries, legislation and previous submissions.

When working with a new company we take the time to find out about their business and what makes them stand out. Interviews with an organisation’s service specialists provide us with information to help companies win bids.

Legislation is always changing and as such we must keep up to date with every aspect that can affect a bid. Our writers are constantly taking extra courses and researching new legislation in order to ensure the compliance of our clients.

On the road

Whether it’s for training, on-site bid management or client meetings we usually have one writer on the road at any time.

For training we usually just spend a day on site delivering the course, which is then followed up with ongoing support. The majority of our work is completed remotely however, sometimes larger bids require client meetings in order to discuss the submission in greater detail.

On site bid management can take anything from one week to six months (or in some cases even longer). This is usually for extremely large bids, but in some cases a company may require an interim bid writer to work on a number of submissions for a set period of time.


As you may have guessed, the majority of time is spent writing. Each individual bid writer within the company may be working on anything between one to five bids at any time. This number sometimes gets larger during busy periods however, we aim to keep it low to ensure the highest possible quality of submission.

If a writer ever becomes stretched they are supported by another team member. Some large bids even require multiple writers to work on them.


For the bid managers in the company a lot of time is spent reviewing the work of the writers. This is one of the most important aspects of bid writing and should never be overlooked.

Our internal review process ensures that companies receive the highest quality submission, free from any errors. For a moderate bid there are usually two full reviews – one prior to completion to confirm accuracy and strength of win themes, along with a final review.

We also employ a proof reader to review every piece of work prior to submission, giving companies the best possible chance of success.

For information about the contract and tender process, watch our video below:

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