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Nobody wants to fall behind when writing a tender, but sometimes this does happen; you may even have forgotten about an ITT all together, losing it under a constant stream of paperwork.

When this happens you may feel that your decision whether to bid or not has been made for you, but think again! We offer last minute bid and tender writing services and the reason we are able to offer this is to the strict processes that we have in place for approaching an ITT, RFP or bid document. If you feel up to the challenge, use our processes for short notice bid writing to aid you in your submission. If you do not, you know where we are!

First and foremost, you need to formulate a bid writing plan: the easiest and most effective way of doing this is to use Microsoft Excel. When creating a plan you should:

  • Read the specifications of the bid in its entirety, as soon as possible, establish any specific expectations and requirements such as formatting and terminology to be used
  • Read through the questions. You should read each question individually and read it again, dissecting the questions as much as you can as you go
  • Start your plan by writing down the date, and the submission date, then you can begin to plan the time in between effectively
  • Split your plan into weekly (if there is more than a week left) and daily sections
  • Make sure you make note of any important dates such as the end date for raising a clarification question or a meet the buyer meeting
  • Make sure you know if your staff are going to be available to assist during the remaining period, then begin assigning tasks to available staff/writers
  • Give them very clear, concise instructions with a strict timeline; it is imperative that you manage everyone’s time effectively
  • Hold regular meetings with everyone helping with your tender submission, allowing for reporting on progress and updating timescales
  • Reviewing your work is a continuous process: make sure you review all of your staff’s work as it comes back to you, which should ensure less wasted time, and if possible appoint another staff member to review your own work

Remember to keep your Excel sheet up to date as you begin to build a complete bid: your bid plan is a powerful tool, but only if you actually use it!

These are very similar to the processes we adopt for every tender we complete, however as part of our ISO9001:2008 certified quality management system we have extra steps in place to ensure that the quality of the submissions we write never falls. If you feel that you are not up to the challenge of writing a short notice or last minute tender but you still wish to bid for the contract, please do not hesitate to contact us today and we will do our best to start writing for you on the same day.

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