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Being a bid writer requires a specific skill set and writing style which takes time to acquire and perfect. Not everyone is suited to this role, yet many individuals in organisations are left with the task of completing PQQs and tenders, something which could lose you that all important contract.

Choosing to outsource your bid management is fairly common and can be for a number of reasons: lack of resources, short time scales, the requirement for additional support or for a more cost effective solution, to name but a few. However, not everyone considers how crucial it is to source a specialised and expert team of bid writers when seeking tender writing support. Using a professional company is fundamental in winning more contracts and improving your bid processes. This is something you will ascertain immediately, not only through improved responses but through the whole bid management process.

Analysing the Specification – Bid/No Bid Decision

It is always a good idea to seek a professional opinion if you are unsure or hesitant on whether to bid for a contract, as an external point of view is able to offer informed advice and assess the bid criteria.

Our team of professional bid writers have vast experience when it comes to analysing tender specifications and will firstly guide you through the bid/no bid decision making process. We undertake an evaluation of your organisation’s position in terms of resources, accreditations and competition and give our honest opinion on whether it should be a bid or no bid decision. Unlike other bid writing companies we do not wish to falsely encourage your company to bid for a contract if it is our honest opinion that you will not win: we would rather help you to prepare for the next contract or assist in finding alternative opportunities which are better suited to your organisation.

Once past the bid/no bid decision stage, it is important to critically review the specification and decipher what the contracting authority is looking for and how best you can differentiate your organisation in terms of key strengths and capabilities. Our bid writers have encountered thousands of submissions, meaning we are well placed when it comes to analysing the specification and criteria of a tender and how best to produce a professional response.

Writing a Winning Response

When it comes to writing a winning tender, a professional writing technique is required and this is sculpted through training, practice and feedback. Our writers work closely alongside all clients, on or off site, to gain relevant technical information and supporting documents to produce an evidence-based submission. Our proven bid writing techniques compile all of your company’s strengths, capabilities and differentiating factors whilst sticking to any limits and requirements of the tender. Although you may have been successful when tendering in the past, you will see a difference when a response is written, or even reviewed, by a professional bid writer.

Quality Assurance Systems

One of the main differences between professional bid writers and freelance writers is the systems put in place to quality assure submissions. Attention to detail is crucial in tender writing and a bid should be proof read and reviewed to make sure the highest quality response is produced – most of which can only be achieved through the use of a team of

professional bid writers.

At Executive Compass, we have strict quality measures in place to ensure every single tender submission is reviewed and quality assured by a second writer; proof read and reviewed by our proof reader, and then sent to the client to oversee any technical aspects. This is essentially what differentiates our team of bid writers from other companies: other bid writers are unlikely to undertake extensive quality assurance measures when completing a submission due to fewer resources and time constraints which ultimately may lose you marks.

Professional Advice and Tender Support

We understand the tendering process can be stressful, complicated and time consuming, and we aim to ease this by working alongside your organisation to offer professional advice at every stage of the bid process.

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