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Have Your Tenders Professionally Printed And Bound

Have you had trouble printing your tenders at the last minute, ending up producing something that you’re not too proud of and does not represent your company as well as you’d hope? At Executive Compass we’re now offering full design and printing services for your bid writing documents, maximising your success for minimal effort on your part.

Is design important in a tender document?

In a word, yes. Many contracting authorities still ask for PQQ and especially bid submissions to be printed, so printing tenders, and designing them in the first place to look at their best when printed, is still very important. Even if you submit the documentation online or on a memory stick, many contracting bodies then print out the documents themselves for review.

What can we incorporate in the design of your documents?

  • Your logos
  • Pictures of your MD and other key staff
  • Images of your staff at work (a care worker helping an elderly person; a gardener using the latest equipment) that will break up the text and give an emotional and psychological context to the text of your document
  • Charter marks and logos for other accreditations you may have
  • Flowcharts, maps and mind maps, all designed to provide information in different formats and keep the evaluator’s attention while giving them the data they need in an easy to read manner
  • The use of colour, fonts, etc. to enhance your text
  • A cover sheet that really gets across what you’re about
  • A professional look that will make sure you stand out among your competitors.

Printing tenders – how do I do it?

When you’ve been rushing around producing a huge tender document, often at short notice and having to pull information together from a variety of sources, the last thing you need is to be fighting with a recalcitrant printer or messing around with a binding machine, or giving the task to an office junior then worrying whether they’ve bound it all inside out and back to front.

Why not hand the printing of your tenders over to the experts? Our design and print team will be able to design the documentation to your specification and brand identity, then print it off and bind it up for you so all you have to do is send it off and breathe a sigh of relief.
Executive Compass know all the tricks of the trade. We use special ink colours for the text of our tenders that is easier and more restful on the eye, giving the evaluator a more pleasant experience and affecting their reaction to the text. We have studied the latest research on the effects of colours, fonts and text and apply that through our design team to make your document stand out in the right way and help you win that tender.

Even little things help. If printing your tenders is proving problematic, and you would like to use our value added design and print services, just let our tender consultants know and we’ll make it all work for you! Call us now.

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