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Improve Your Knowledge With Our Bid Writing Courses

Did you know that, as well as providing PQQ and tender writing services, Executive Compass® runs bid writing courses to help you optimise your chances of winning contracts with the best tender documentation possible? Have a look at what we can do for you, and how you can improve your tender documents no end with a few training sessions from our tender experts.

Resources for Tender Training

Do you need bid & tender training?

  • Have you been skating on thin ice, working with documentation that’s out of date, badly written or just plain inaccurate?
  • Can you back up your claims of best practice with organised and relevant documentation?
  • Can you back up your claims of satisfied customers with clear examples that tell a story of great service throughout the lifetime of a contract?
  • Can you back up your claims of effective supply chain management with case studies of excellent working relationships that add real, quantifiable value to the contract?
  • Do you have all your professional, trade and insurance certificates to hand?
  • Who writes your tender documents? The MD, the office junior, someone from Sales, or the person in the office who can type fast?
  • How is your Health and Safety Policy looking? What about your Environmental Policy? Your Equalities Policy?
  • Any of these sound familiar? It sounds like you need some tender training!

Our training courses can help

If you’re trying to win contracts but never quite getting there, or you haven’t started yet and you realise you need some help, help is at hand. Executive Compass® have run many successful tender training courses for clients who need that edge.

We will show you how to:

  • Organise your documentation and certificates so they are to hand to support your documentation
  • Understand the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) and Tendering process from start to finish
  • Write up policies in the major areas contracting authorities will look for in your specific business area and generally, so you can back up what you say about policies and procedures with professional and exhaustive documentation
  • Write a crafted, targeted PQQ that will hit the spot and get you through to the next stage
  • Write a brilliant, innovative and attractive tender proposal that will get you appointed as a supplier
  • Design and present your documentation to show you in the best light possible
  • Submit your documentation professionally, on time, and in the appropriate format
  • Deal with questions and requests for presentations
  • Submit Requests for Information and feedback requests if you are not successful in your submission

Our value-added service means that we will provide all of this and more for you. We will come to your office and train however many of your staff you wish to be involved and we will even evaluate a sample set of tender documentation you have already submitted to a contracting authority, and tell you exactly how to tailor it for next time

Can you afford NOT to have Executive Compass® provide you with tailored, cost-effective tender training that will enable you to win? If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, check out our PQQ, bid & tender writing services to for information on what we offer alongside the training.

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