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Our Tenders Consultants Are Making A Difference

How Can Tender consultants Improve Your Business?

Outsourcing your bid and tender writing to experienced tender consultants can be the difference between submitting an average bid and an excellent one.

The bid writers at Executive Compass® have years of experience in writing considered responses to pre-qualification questionnaires and tenders, which meet the requirements and specification set out by the contracting authority.

Tender Writing Docs

What are the benefits of using our tender consultants, instead of completing in-house?

  1. Access to years of experience writing winning tenders for a vast range of industries
  2. We are UKAS ISO 9001:2008 certified for our PQQ, bid and tender writing services, which ensures the quality of our work
  3. We apply best practice to our client’s bid and proposal functions. In recognition of this, and to aid us in ensuring compliance, we are a corporate member of APMP® – The Association of Proposal Management Professionals.
  4. Our writers have extensive knowledge about the whole bid process, and are familiar with all best practices when it comes to writing tenders
  5. We have analysed countless feedback from successful and unsuccessful submissions so we know exactly what the evaluators are looking for in your responses, along with common mistakes made by in-house teams
  6. Writing winning bids for top market leaders allows us to benchmark the quality of our PQQs and tender submissions
  7. All of our bid writers are directly employed and trained in-house to the exceptional standards that we practice
  8. We can eliminate the stress and strain on your company that comes with preparing a bid, and can also have your submission completed in half the time it may take you in-house

We offer professional PQQ, bid & tender writing training courses to help you win that bid with your own team. If you are interested please visit our training page or simply call us on: 0800 612 5563.

How to make your bid stand out

For more useful information, please see our video below on how to make your bid stand out. Your company is special. There is a unique selling point that places you far beyond competitors. What is it? This should be your first question before starting to write a submission.

If your company is struggling to get to the ‘top of the pile’ where bidding is concerned, contact Executive Compass® today and start submitting quality PQQs and tenders that will win work, and profit.

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