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Competitive tendering, its all about winning

Competitive Tendering

Competitive bid & tender writing is a tough one and should not to be taken lightly. If your company is serious about winning public or private sector contracts that will grow or sustain the business, this must come across in your bid and tender submissions.

Depending on the size, requirements and value of the contract, your company could be up against more than ten other companies, including your direct competitors, all fighting for success.

Your pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) or invitation to tender (ITT) documentation, must be of the highest possible standard to be in with a chance of succeeding over your competitors and cope with just how competitive tendering for contracts actually is.

Unique selling points

Before you even start to consider writing a tender, you need to consider your unique selling points. What distinguishes you from the crowd of competitors around you? What makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest? Is it your:

✓ Length of service

Were you the first in your field? Are you a family business now on the fourth generation of family members involved in the business?

✓ Innovation

 Are you the first to develop new processes, procedures, products or services? Are you constantly winning prizes for innovation?

✓ Specialised staff and products

Do you offer the only such service in your area?

✓ Added value

Where others only provide Product A, do you provide the product, training on its use and a comprehensive aftercare product?

✓ Capacity

Are you the biggest supplier around?

✓ Customer service

Do you go so far above and beyond expectations for your clients that you’ve even won prizes and awards?

✓ Regional, national or international recognition

Have you won any business awards in your region or country?

✓ Involvement within your industry sector

Are you represented in the decision making authorities for your particular sector? Do you help set policy or advise the government on your line of business?

✓ Industry recognition

Do you hold ISO certification?

Bid Management

The professional bid writers at Executive Compass® can help you identify these USPs and develop a winning theme for your bid. We are able to construct the responses to PQQ and ITT questions in a way that gives the level of detail and explanation evaluators are looking for, backed up by good, solid evidence.

We offer a full bid and tender writing service & review service to help your company win that bid. If you would like more information or further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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