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Beginning the tendering process can seem like a daunting prospect and may leave you wondering ‘where do I start?’ The process of considering the pros and cons of bidding, registering your interest, navigating the electronic portal, reading the tender documents and submitting clarifications can be time consuming. All before you have the chance to begin the writing and/or pricing process.

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For most organisations there will come a time where you need to tender for a contract, especially when working with the public sector. The process can seem daunting, but we break it down into simple steps and our top tips for tendering.

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A framework agreement is an agreement which sets out the terms on which future contracts under the agreement will be based. Framework agreements are used when there is no defined quantity of goods or services to be put out to tender but the buyer has identified a need for a long term relationship during the lifecycle of the contract.

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The term ‘public tender’ refers to the tender process for contracts procured by the public sector. For contracts over a certain monetary threshold, authorities must advertise this need and follow a specific process. We outline how this selection process works for public sector tenders.

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