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Whether you are a large international company or a small-medium sized business, you should provide training services for your bid writing team.

The procurement landscape is constantly changing and teams need to stay on top of current legislation and techniques. A winning team is always re-evaluating their bid process and optimising their bid library.

In order to get the most from your team you should look into PQQ, Bid & Tender Writing training. Below are a variety of packages that we offer to help teams and writers of all abilities:

SME Bid Writing Training

For SMEs or companies who have not previously competed for contracts through tendering, training comprises of a full overview of the bid writing process, with a focus on winning strategy.

All basics are covered from the pre-tender planning stage, the bidding stage, to what to do following submission of the document. The aim of this package is to get your company winning contracts from the start by following bid writing best practice.

After following this strategy and building up a portfolio of won contracts you should consider looking at more advanced practices and improving your bid consistency.

Regular Bidder Package

For regular bidders the training focuses on previous submissions and the continual improvement of your tender process and success rate.

The aim is increasing the number of contracts won through optimising your bid process and analysing what does and doesn’t work. Firms who have used this package have seen noticeable improvements in their scores at both PQQ and tender stage.

Large Advanced Bid Team

Larger, more advanced bid teams generally don’t submit as many tenders as regular bidders, but compete for a small number of very large bids.

These submissions can take anywhere between three months and a year to complete. The difference with this bid process is the sheer scale and coordination of all team members, whilst ensuring the successful completion of the bid.

We have previously managed large bid teams working on contracts of up to £6 billion and can provide training to your business.

Multi-Team Training

Many large companies have a number of bid teams, often in different locations. This training package focuses on coordinating those teams and regulating the content output.

The aim is to ensure the highest quality submissions across the board, with all teams utilising the same techniques and information. One of the benefits with more than one bid team is the scope of work submitted. Each individual team can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of the others.

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To understand more about bid writing best practice watch this video below:

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