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We were approached by a gas servicing company who wanted to win a prestigious gas servicing and maintenance tender in their local area. The company did have some small public sector contracts but had previously never formally written a tender of such importance. Winning this tender would make a significant difference to the business, as well as safeguarding a number of jobs.

Main challenges

The project involved many challenges, which our specialists were able to overcome. Some of the main challenges included:

A large number of questions

Strict one page limits for all questions, in complex subject areas

The large number of documentation required to support each question

The need for a TUPE transition plan, and a lack of TUPE experience within the client company

The need for a business plan, risk register and mobilisation plan

A ‘must-win’ bid

Bid Details
  • Geographical region: 

    North West England

  • Output: 

    55 pages of narrative responses, TUPE implementation plan, risk register, mobilisation plan and business continuity plan

  • Weighting: 

    60%/30%/10% quality/price/presentation

  • Submission: 

    Electronic upload, and face-to-face presentation

  • Outcome: 



We were approached by a new client who were looking to secure a new contract with a North West local council, to enable their business to grow. The tender writing for this project was delivered by Stephen Murray, who has a great deal of experience within the gas servicing industry and was best placed to provide support from our team.

The methodology involved our tried and tested process: analysing the specification from the council to create detailed answer plans, and two telephone interviews with the client to understand their organisation and gain any technical information required, before Stephen started drafting responses. Through this collaborative approach we were able to obtain all required information, as well as an insight into the company’s ethos and working methods, all of which were input, strengthened and supported by evidence within the final submission.

The bid was very structured, with a large number of questions, all limited to one page. Whilst the finished tender was only 55 pages in length, the restricting page limit meant that it was very challenging to complete. In addition, a range of policies were required, as well as a risk register, business continuity plan and a mobilisation plan. All this information had to be provided and discussed within the submission, with the overall aim to hit all the points in each question to achieve the highest score possible.

However, the biggest challenge was around the need to provide a detailed TUPE transition plan. The company had no previous experience of TUPE, and so we had to undertake detailed research on the subject and create a proposal. In addition, we discussed the subject with the client to advise them, suggesting that they obtained a TUPE expert to assist them in the mobilisation period, to both enhance their understanding and ensure their compliance with all legal requirements.

The TUPE element was restricted to four pages plus a plan. We created the plan in Microsoft Project (all our staff are trained to use Project and we utilise it to create all our mobilisation plans) and provided a detailed narrative to support it. Not only did we win the tender, but our TUPE response scored full marks and helped to secure the contract. The TUPE response also acted as a blueprint for the actual process when it was carried out a few months later, and is now used by the client as a standard response for such future questions, to be amended if required.

The tender also asked a series of questions around no access, anniversary dates and appointment times. We were not only able to match our client’s response very closely to the specification, but also to add value to the overall tender by including value added and innovative activities, which really impressed the evaluators. The feedback we received was that all the other companies had simply described what they did, but that our tender had ‘leapt off the page’, as it provided clear and explicit descriptions of the company’s intent and also offered, and clearly described, added value and benefits to the client and tenants throughout the document.

The tender was successful and we supported the client with the final stage, a presentation to the authority. Alongside the client we created a Powerpoint presentation, which they then presented. We were delighted to hear this final stage was also successful.

Following this success, the company has bid on three projects, continuing to grow their business. Having discussed the company’s bid history and successes, we are now their first contact should they wish to bid for a tender.

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