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We have a variety of PQQ consultants who work across a wide range of industries. Our PQQ consultants are all highly experienced business writers, commercially aware and able to create a winning PQQ.

We know that there are some PQQ consultants who charge low day rates, supply “copy and paste” text and do not really understand business in general and procurement in particular. To say this is annoying is an understatement. We charge a very fair rate for exceptional quality and have a first class understanding of business for both SME and corporate organisations.

A good PQQ consultant can save you a lot of time, provide sound advice and may make the difference between you going through to the next round.

• We understand what is required
• We are professional writers
• We will not rush your PQQ submission
• We do not have other priorities, all we do is write PQQ and tenders and so will not become distracted by operational issues
• Our PQQ consultants understand all of the e-portal systems and how to upload, edit, request clarifications and delete information

Can a professional PQQ consultant really make a difference?

The questions below are taken from actual PQQ. If you can honestly say that you could answer them succinctly, accurately, to the satisfaction of the evaluator and in the context of your own business (plus you can say it will not take you more than a couple of hours) then you do not need a PQQ consultant. Remember these are actual examples taken from PQQ and not tenders and while you may think you know what is required, do you really and if you do are you confident you can put it into a clear structured narrative that will gain you points?

Please describe the internal controls used by the Potential Provider to manage the delivery services relevant to this competition to ensure that the requirements are met fully in terms of quality and timely delivery

Please provide details of the environmental management system the Potential Provider operates, e.g. IS0 14001 or equivalent standard, along with details of company policy on managing supply chain impact.(500 words)

Please identify the potential Bidders relevant experience, capability and capacity along with the resources that will be applied to;
• Identify, procure and prepare, as appropriate, suitable property solutions ready for service commencement;
• Transfer operational control of the property solution(s) to the potential Bidder; and
• Manage occupancy of the property solution(s).

How will the potential bidders staff (including employees, agents and representatives) acquire, maintain and disseminate knowledge of the public sector (e.g. policies, political issues, programmes and statutory changes)? How will this knowledge of the public sector be used to increase sales/uptake throughout the term of the Framework Agreement?
Our PQQ consultants can and have successfully answered these and many, many others.

Did you know that:
• If you answer one PQQ question incorrectly you may not be given the opportunity to complete an invitation to tender (ITT)
• In some cases if you go one word over the prescribed word limit you will be eliminated (not personally)
• If you alter the format of the PQQ some clients will eliminate you from further consideration
• If you are thirty seconds late delivering your PQQ you are non compliant and you bid will not be considered
• By using different font to that requested you are non compliant and your submission may not be considered

A good PQQ consultant knows all of this and more. They know when it is allowable and beneficial to insert images, they know how to weave added benefit into the PQQ without it becoming too sales orientated and they know the form and type of language to use.


There is now software available to complete PQQ. In my opinion it is just an expensive substitute for good file management. The software sellers will tell you that it increases your chances of success and makes the process easier. They also say that up to 60% of PQQ questions are the same and so can be copied and pasted across.

It may be that up to 60% of the questions are the same; company details, policies etc but the questions above cannot nor should not, be answered from a static library. (I would say that from experience it is about 40% for non construction) One word difference in the question may completely alter the context of the answer. The software may well simplify the process but it cannot replace the PQQ consultant who can write original, relevant content. Many people who have bought the software say it is easier but are not always able to demonstrate an improved success rate. Garbage in, garbage out? Perhaps, the bottom line is that the software cannot answer the more difficult questions and with a PQQ you can be excluded for the smallest of omissions. I would recommend that you only use software if you are submitting several PQQ every week and even then use with caution and only continue to use it if your success rate improves.


Costs for PQQ consultants vary massively. I recently wrote a PQQ for £350 and yet the client had been quoted £1,500 for the same document by a company with whom they had previously worked. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of SME owners and managers who have no experience of the process or are perhaps uncomfortable with formal business writing and attempt to charge outrageous sums

When you use a professional PQQ consultant make sure you know what you are getting and that the price is a fair one, be prepared to pay a little more if it is short notice or particularly complex. Above all make sure that the writer is experienced and keeps you updated throughout the process.

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