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Why Hire PQQ Writing Experts?

When you receive a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) it can be very daunting. The documents are specially crafted to exclude, with each section aiming to remove potential candidates that don’t fit the brief.

If completed properly your company will proceed to the ITT (invitation to tender) stage, allowing you to showcase your company’s abilities and capacity to fulfil the service, and ultimately win the bid.

PQQ Writing Experts

Hiring PQQ writing experts

Your pre-qualification questionnaire needs to be of the highest standard in order to progress to the tender stage. When companies attempt to complete a PQQ by themselves they often make a lot of mistakes that result in exclusion and no compliance. One reason for failure at PPQ stage is the document itself. If you haven’t seen many PQQs completing one can be quite overwhelming, whether it’s from the scale of the document, or the phrasing of the questions.

It can’t be stressed enough how much these documents are made to exclude. Each question is designed to highlight company failings, or even just expose administrative mistakes from not reading the document thoroughly.

How we can help

At Executive Compass® we are experienced PQQ writers having completed hundreds of documents for a wide range of clients. Our writing team have perfected the art of completing a pre-qualification questionnaire and can consistently provide the highest standard of service. Having completed PQQs for businesses ranging from small sole-traders to large ‘blue chip’ companies, our team can give you the specific attention you require.

Hiring PQQ writing experts ensures that you comply with all the outlined requirements and submit a document of the highest standard. If you don’t comply with any aspect of the PQQ we will inform you and work with you to guarantee total compliance, which could include advice on accreditations or even providing new policies for your company.

When you hire PQQ writing experts they have a vested interest in your success, to maintain their success rate and potentially repeat business. With this in mind we will inform you immediately if you don’t have a good chance of winning, as we want you to succeed.

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