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Published Date: 7-02-2019
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Our team of bid writers have provided a few top tips to consider when tendering for contracts in the year ahead.

  1. Keep ahead with any market changes due to Brexit

We published recently the fact that there are plans in place for a UK e-tendering portal to replace the OJEU process, should a no deal Brexit take place. Keep up to date with any key buyers, markets and the supply chain to determine if you could experience any changes due to Brexit. It is very likely that the tendering process itself will change, but contracts could be extended or delayed around certain times so it is something to be aware of.

  1. Understand your current position

This may seem a simple tip, but in order to secure contracts and grow your business it is important to understand your current position. Who are your main competitors, what do they offer and what makes you different? This will allow you to identify contracts that are suitable for your organisation and that meet your strategic goals, all of which should enhance the bid/no bid decision and give your company real focus. If you are trying to secure a new contract, make sure to do your research on the current incumbent and how you can strengthen your offering to drive key win themes for your bid.

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  1. Review your social value offering

Social value is a popular topic, and one which you may have seen already in a tender response or in the media at the moment. Our prediction is that social value will be increasingly common in PQQ and tender submissions across the board, as local authorities across the UK and central Government place a wider focus on how companies are contributing to local communities and how the contracts will be benefitting others.

A number of authorities are already part of a social value taskforce, which we also expect to grow over the coming years. It is important to review what your organisation currently does, and what they could do in terms of social value. This needn’t be a huge undertaking and it is important to commit to solutions that are suitable for your organisation’s size and market place. If you haven’t encountered social value in a bid so far, we bet you do in 2019!

  1. Secure bid writing support

If you have a bid team in your organisation it can still be beneficial to seek professional advice via training or reviews to really drive up those skills and success rates. If you have little experience in bid writing or e-tendering and are looking to secure contracts, it can save a lot of time and money to outsource the bid writing to a professional who is experienced in the procurement process and knows exactly how to structure a bid and sell your organisation.

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