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Over the years we have worked on thousands of submissions, across a range of different industries. This varies from a one off bid for a dog walking contract to a nuclear decommissioning response, to a retained client bidding up to eight times a month for grounds maintenance contracts. Our team of bid writers are constantly kept on their toes!

Due to the fact we don’t specialise in one particular industry, all of our bid writers have established a wealth of experience across a number of sectors such as: health and social care, construction, gas servicing and recruitment, to name a few, and have consequently developed a specific skill set when it comes to bid writing.

PQQs and tenders can be complex and daunting; but fortunately enough we have seen it all (pretty much!) and encountered our fair share of problematic submissions; meaning we are best placed to assist with your bid management process. Here are a few examples of the projects we have worked on, which display a range of different challenges and situations.

Domiciliary Care Company “Must Win” Bid

Earlier this year we were approached by an existing client, who required help for a large contract for which they were the incumbent. The submission was a challenging one, comprising an 82 page response which was highly evidence-based. Our main challenge as the bid writer was to create a fresh response to retain the contract, in a closely regulated sector. Our General Manager, John, was allocated as the main writer for the bid, which lasted four weeks. He was able to provide an external point of view and through scrutinizing current bid processes and working closely alongside the client, a high quality tender was produced. The client was successful in retaining the contract. This is a prime example of how we are procured to work on a “must win” bid.

Large Multinational Corporation

One of our biggest projects to date has taken place this year; working alongside a large multinational corporation with their first UK public sector bid, which was worth £1 billion and saw our Managing Director, Neil, working oversees for a considerable period of time. The client wasn’t familiar with submitting technical responses when it came to tendering, and therefore needed a lot of guidance through the bid process. We set up workshops, interviews and staff briefings to delegate sections of the bid and gain relevant information which enabled us to produce a high quality response which differentiated the company from competitors.

Facilities Management Retention

A number of our clients are on a retention programme, whereby we work on projects exclusively for them for a set amount of days per month. One of our longstanding clients first approached us after seeing a decline in their success rate within the facilities management industry. We provided a gap analysis which quickly spotted a number of faults in their bid process, and we initially undertook a PQQ and tender on their behalf. After experiencing immediate success and finding it more cost effective, the client decided to outsource their bid writing to us and we have now completed over 50 submissions for them over the years. We have even experienced our highest PQQ score (99.33%) for this client, and have built a strong working relationship.

Day to Day Tenders

As well as working on a number of one off “must win” bids or particularly large and onerous submissions, we also complete a number of smaller PQQs and tenders on a daily basis for SME clients in popular sectors such as health and social care and facilities management. We are often asked by clients; “have you completed a tender like this before” and 99.9% of the time the answer is, yes! Given that, every submission is different and therefore should be approached with that in mind; so all of our writers endeavour to gain as much knowledge from a client as possible in the first instance before tackling a new bid and adding their experience and knowledge.

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