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In this blog, we take a look at a client working in the healthcare laundry and textiles industry.

They are a national firm with which we have previously worked, and have just signed up to a retention agreement to outsource all of their tender writing. The retention allows the firm to purchase an annual quota of support from us and time is called off from their agreement to support them with bid writing projects. Stephen Kennett, their account manager, recently visited them in the West Midlands to find out more and build the relationship.


  • We have recently completed the first project under the new retention arrangement, which was a complex 21,000-word submission
  • The project was undertaken via a series of conference calls with key members of their team and subject specialists across the UK – this proved efficient and effective, yet we wanted to visit the client and find out a bit more
  • Following the completion of the project, and with the submission still fresh in everyone’s minds, we thought it would be a good opportunity to visit the client to find out more about their business, bidding strategy, systems, process and procedures they have in place, and also to see their operations
  • This was good timing as they have numerous tender opportunities in the pipeline – eight in the coming six months.

The visit

  • Stephen met all key members of the team – it was a good opportunity to put faces to names as part of building an ongoing relationship
  • They discussed the delivery of the previous project, including what worked well that we should maintain and build on, and where improvements could be made
  • The client has a clear understanding of the business’s goals and objectives, including who their competitors are for the upcoming bids and their comparative strengths and weaknesses
  • Stephen got a clear understanding of operational delivery – systems used, roles and responsibilities, and delivery structure
  • A tour of the production facility was provided – this really helped to make what we write about tangible, and allowed us to see the processes used and understand why the client does things the way they do
  • Stephen had the opportunity to go and visit a customer (an NHS client) to meet their on-site delivery team, developing a clear understanding of how they are delivering things on the ground, the challenges and how they meet the customer’s goals.


  • We have been able to develop the strategy for how we will approach the upcoming submission including win themes and opportunities for added value
  • We now have a clear understanding of the company’s structure, delivery processes, approach to R&D and social value, and priority areas for growth
  • We have started to build the relationship with various key members of their team who will provide input into the forthcoming bids.

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