Serena: a bid writer’s typical day


I usually arrive at our Newcastle office around 8.15am, which is enough time to grab a nice strong coffee ahead of our 8.40am team meeting to discuss the advances we’ve all made on our projects.

It’s a great way to begin the day, catching up with the team to see what they’ve been working on. At the moment the team is working on around 50 different bids, so there is never a dull morning as projects range from dog walking to synthetic football pitches! It’s also good to hear about the bids that our writers have recently submitted, and to ensure that every bid is being managed and on track to reach its tight deadlines. We also discuss contract wins for our clients, developments in submissions and report on any feedback we have received from commissioners.

Projects in progress

The first project that I’ve got involved with is with a gas and heating maintenance provider, tendering to provide servicing and maintenance services. After we have interviewed the client and collected all the important data, the writing process begins. A supportive system of our bid writers, and our quality editor and proof-reader, analyse my draft for quality and ensure the bid will not forfeit any scores on quality and precision. This helps to ensure the bid is powerful and persuasive in all key areas.

After my draft has been reviewed and I have amended it, it is sent to our client to ensure they approve. This also allows us to incorporate any suggestions and additional information our clients wish to include, to help the bid be as polished and refined as possible. Once the client is satisfied and we have done all compliance checks and document uploads, they are ready to submit the bid in good time ahead of the submission deadline.

Business Documents

Organised systems

I have also recently assisted our Bid Manager, Sam, to update one of our retained client’s bid libraries, which is where we store our model answers and supporting documents used to write a tender. This helps us create an organised structure and a collection of case studies, testimonials and accreditations. With over 95 entries (and counting) for this particular bid library, it’s important to keep on top of all the entries – and it’s also a good way to keep an eye on our win ratio, which is on par with our strong >80% success rate.

It’s good to work amongst a supportive team, who offer help and advice to each other and often help out on parts of the same project to ensure the tender is completed on time and to an excellent standard.

At the end of a busy day, it’s great to feel a sense of achievement, knowing that you’ve helped a client submit a bid for a potentially life-changing project. And it is all the more rewarding when you hear they were awarded the contract – definitely a day well spent!

Serena is new to our team – keep an eye out for her bio coming to the website soon!

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