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Published Date: 5-09-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Completing your first PQQ can be a daunting prospect, filled with unfamiliar questions and legislation, and onerous policies and procedures. For the inexperienced, this can be both overwhelming and time consuming. Our bid writing training workshops are tailored to your specific needs and requirements; so if you are new to bidding, we will guide you through the PQQ process from start to finish.

Our PQQ Training Workshops

Regular updates to the EU Procurement Directives mean it is necessary for anyone bidding into the public sector to be up to date with all Government legislation and aware of how it may impact on the bidding process. Therefore we find it informative to give an overview of the procurement process and provide advice on the online tender portals available for identifying opportunities.

If you have completed a PQQ before, we will use this as a live training aid and evaluate the current PQQ process, deconstruct the questions and formulate a matrix of responsibilities. If you have not yet completed a PQQ, we will provide an example document for you.

Supporting documents, such as policies and procedures, are highly important at the PQQ stage as essentially you are assuring the contracting authority that you have the capabilities to deliver the contract. We discuss current legislation, the importance of structuring an evidence-based response, and examples you could include, such as case studies.

We will also cover: tender management techniques, the importance of compliance, ISO Management Systems 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001, analysing feedback and personal development.

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Training Key Elements

As the general outline shows, our bid writing training is designed to make sure your organisation is well placed in preparing for a PQQ, completing the document and appendices, and then analysing any feedback afterwards so your response is as strong as possible. As the workshops are delivered for an individual or organisation, this allows the content to be amended to suit your specific needs and level of knowledge, however basic or experienced.

Ultimately, we will provide you with guidance in how to apply your skills and knowledge to the questions, and how to structure a winning response. Although the content of your submission is the main focus, it is also very important to structure your response correctly and make sure you stick to word limits and other constraints outlined in the specification in order to receive the most marks. We will provide you with our tips for overcoming any challenging restrictions and on how to word a well written response.

Adding Value

Once you understand all the components that make up the PQQ, the bid management process becomes a lot simpler and you can start to add real value to your submission. Our training will provide you with the skills to spot what the evaluator is looking for and how to tick all the boxes, ensuring you have put together the strongest possible submission.
On-going Advice and Support

Our workshops fully incorporate your competencies, strengths and weaknesses so that you acquire the training best suited to you. We also provide on-going tender support via telephone to continue the working relationship whilst you actually complete your submission. We consistently receive excellent feedback from our training sessions and clients often then come to us for a review of their completed bid, so we can provide further feedback and suggestions.

As well as PQQ training, we also offer tender writing training which is perfect as a refresher course, or to improve your current success rate and bid management processes.

If you would like to book a PQQ or tender writing training course, please reserve a date on our website and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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