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Published Date: 26-03-2018
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Many organisations do not have an internal resource dedicated to bid and tender writing and instead have one of their staff, such as a member of their sales team or even their managing director, complete their PQQ and ITT responses.

Companies who do this will often have a lower success rate when bidding for contract opportunities for a variety of reasons, as they are not delegating this important task to someone with the necessary acumen. Bid writing is a job which cannot be learned overnight, and requires a person who has a number of key skills. A good Bid Writer should have the following skills:

  • An excellent and demonstrable skill level in creative and technical writing
  • A keen eye for detail and proofreading and formatting skills
  • An insight into industry best practice which can be used to put your company in the best light possible
  • Experience in delivering added value to a tender submission, drawing on your company’s strengths and unique selling points
  • Demonstrable previous experience in delivering successful bids of a similar size and scope within your industry
  • An ability to project manage the entire tender opportunity, from initial expression of interest through to contract negotiation and award

So what options do you have as a Managing Director in order to maximise your resources and return from investment of these resources? At Executive Compass, we are able to offer multiple services designed to increase your success rate and secure more contracts for your organisation:

  • Outsource Bid Writing – One option you have would be to outsource your requirement for the completion of PQQs and responding to ITTs to a highly ranked Bid Writing consultancy such as Executive Compass. We have a success rate that is currently 85% across all industries, and we are one of very few Bid and Tender writing firms to have a UKAS accredited ISO9001:2008 certified quality management system. This helps to ensure an unprecedented level of customer care and quality throughout our clients’ PQQ and tender submissions.
  • PQQ or Tender Training – Another option would be to keep this responsibility in house, but also source a PQQ and Tender writing training provider who is able to build on the skills of your sales team, for example, and instil best practices for bid writing within them. We provide top-quality one-day training workshops that are designed to identify the pitfalls of your previous submissions, and also provide you with recommendations on how to improve the overall look, feel and content of your PQQ and Tender submissions. This should improve the marks you receive for your completed submissions across the board and ultimately win you more business

We also provide other services, all designed to ultimately increase your foothold and competitiveness in the public sector, including our tender review, policy writing and bid ready audit service. If you would like to learn more about any of these services, and you are interested in securing more public sector work, feel free to call us today, and one of our friendly writers will be able to assist you in any way they can.

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