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Published Date: 10-06-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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As a company bidding into the public or private sector it is important to have a top class bid team.

Your team must be up to date with all current legislation and be aware of company policy as well as knowing exactly how to convey your strengths to the contracting authority.

We provide bid writing training courses tailored to your organisation’s requirements and can help you win contracts by teaching you how to apply your skills and experience.

The Basics

The first thing you want from a bid team is good writers – people who can make your company stand out from the competition and communicate your qualities in the best manner. Bid teams are built around good writers and you should always be looking to hone these skills.

However, a good writer is not necessarily a good bid writer. Writers need bid writing training in order to understand fully how to answer questions and gain the most points. Each member of your bid team should undergo training on both your organisation and PQQ and tender writing. This way they can apply the knowledge of your company in the best manner.

Applying your skills

Bid training courses teach you how to respond to questions in order to please the contracting authority and make your company stand out. The best answers provide innovative solutions with clear evidence of previous service delivery and applicable case studies.

Responding to the specific requirements is key – don’t get carried away on a point if it is not relevant to the question.

Writing winning tenders

Once your team have undergone sufficient bid training they are ready to start writing winning tenders. Remember to keep answers relevant and apply the skills you have learnt. With our training courses we provide on-going support to provide you with the best value.

We will offer advice to your team if they are struggling and are also happy to provide writing or review services to guarantee the highest quality submission.

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