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Pre-qualification questionnaire guidance

PQQ Guidance

Where can you get guidance on completing a pre-qualification questionnaire?

What’s the best way in which to go about filling one in?

Do you need to get involved with these documents?

Professional PQQ Guidance

Let’s look at the answer to the third question first. Do you want to increase your company’s business, both in terms of amount of turnover and range of clients? If so, and especially if one of your target customer groups is the public sector, then yes, you do need to get involved with these documents, because completing a pre-qualification questionnaire is the first step towards winning that tender and getting to be the main supplier, or one of the main suppliers if it’s a framework agreement, to a whole new customer.

What’s the best way to go about filling one in? Well, you may need some pre-qualification questionnaire guidance here. They can be tricky, especially if you’re not accustomed to filling in documentation to do with official requisition. Some of the questions can seem complicated, some can seem pointless, but all are ultimately important to the potential client – and so should be important to you, too.

Where can you get guidance on completing a pre-qualification questionnaire?

There are three main sources you can consider:

  • Expertise within your own company. Even if you’ve never completed a PQQ within your company, maybe some of your newer members of staff have experience doing just this. Ask around – maybe there’s untapped expertise out there which can help develop a new role for one of your staff members and develop your company’s client portfolio
  • The information on the PQQ itself – if you read the accompanying documentation carefully – and this includes background information on the contracting authority itself, such as its website and any policies and procedures it may quote on there or include in the pack it sends out with the questionnaire – there is often a wealth of information to be found which will help you tailor your response to the questionnaire to best fit the requirements of the potential client in question
  • An external company such as Executive Compass®, experienced in such matters, that can provide guidance on how to complete your pre-qualification questionnaire or even complete it for you.

Whichever source of pre-qualification questionnaire guidance you choose, make sure you’re not going into the process blind. Read around the resources in this library of articles; ask peers with whom you network: make sure you know what you’re doing, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and you’ll improve your chances of getting through this vital stage in the procurement process and heading for further success.

Why a PQQ might fail?

Its important to follow our guidance when writing a PQQ but it is also vital to know why a PQQ might fail so you can avoid this, a lot of companies as us this important question, so to help we have created a handy video which you can find below:

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