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Published Date: 21-05-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Top Tips
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Writing a PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire) can feel very tedious and unnecessary. Many companies will rush the process, assuming they will easily be invited to tender. However, that is the most common reason for failing a PQQ.

More than tick boxes

Some documents appear to just be a number of tick boxes and a few simple questions. All you have to do, you think, is go through quickly, say yes in the right places and give a little bit of information on your company. This is the worst way to approach the process.

It is so important to take your time and ensure that everything is filled in correctly and thoroughly. The contracting authority is trying to find a reason to exclude you and it is your job not to give them one.

Be thorough

First of all, ensure that you are fully compliant with the requirements set out in the PQQ. If you are not then there is no point in tendering at all. Look for things like minimum turnover and number of years trading. Missing simple things like this can cost you time and money.

Once you have filled in the tick boxes and made sure you are fully compliant, you can move on to the questions. Remember, this is your chance to impress the contracting authority and get invited to tender.

Impress, but take it easy

When completing the questions you need to prove your experience and quality, but at the same time hold something back for the tender. It can be very hard once you get started to leave things out, but we hear from so many companies who have failed a tender because of putting everything into the PQQ.

Detail your key experience but leave room to expand later. All the evaluator wants to know is that you have experience in that sector and can do the job well. Stand out from your competition by detailing any innovations you can provide on the contract and the benefits of choosing your company.

If in doubt, ask the experts

Executive Compass® are professional bid writers and are here to help you beat your competition. Contact us to see how our PQQ and tender support services can benefit you.

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