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Published Date: 10-07-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Top Tips
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Policies and procedures can seem like an additional chore when completing a PQQ or tender, but as well as being part of the bid ready process, they add value to your submission and should not be overlooked. As well as being a necessary requirement which should be scrutinised before you decide to bid; policies and procedures allow you to differentiate yourself from other bidders in the tender process. Your guidelines, operations and organisational practices can give you that competitive edge within a submission.

Compliance and conformance

One of the first things to consider during the “bid or no bid” process is whether you have the necessary policies, procedures and documents in place to deliver a winning submission; even before the bid writing itself commences. This is especially true whilst completing a PQQ, where good supporting documents and accreditations are a necessary requirement for you to make it through to the tender stage.

It is crucial that you fully understand the legislation behind your policies. This could be relevant acts in place, codes of practice, and frameworks, as well as how these affect the day to day running of your organisation.

It is also important that all of your policies and procedures are kept up to date and of a high quality in order to contribute to your winning submission. All of your documents should contain a last reviewed date, next review date and signature of ownership to ensure consistent monitoring and conformance is in place. If a contract identifies a specific piece of legislation, you may wish to monitor and analyse this more often to demonstrate continual improvement and compliance in line with the contract requirements.

Supporting evidence for your organisation

When compiling a successful bid, it is important to consider all elements and how they fit together to best showcase your strengths and capabilities as a business. Policies and procedures are essentially an overview of the activities your organisation practices, and how these are carried out within company guidelines and government legislation.

Quality policies and procedures are an excellent tool to show the contracting authority why you are best suited to the job and how you can be differentiated from competition. Frameworks, management standards and additional policies can be used as supporting evidence to your submission and add value when bidding.

Attention to detail

Supporting documents will also be assessed in terms of presentation – so it is vital you take the extra time to provide policies and procedures which are presented correctly and clearly. It is important to pay attention to smaller details such as review dates, with a person designated to monitor documents and make sure all necessary information is included. It is a small task to oversee all documents, but can cost a lot if your submission fails due to lack of detail.

Tips for completing policies and procedures

Before completing a PQQ or tender submission, make sure you are aware of which policies and procedures are needed and the corresponding legislation. Next, ensure that your documents meet a good quality standard and are presented clearly and carefully.

Assistance with policy documents

It can be daunting making sure that all of your documents meet government legislation and are at a high quality standard, not to mention all of the other onerous aspects of your PQQ or tender document that need completing. As part of the Executive Compass bid ready service, we provide full auditing of your current polices or provide new ones which are fully compliant with UK legislation. We also provide professionally designed, bespoke templates for all clients including your company branding.

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For some tips on improving the consistency of your bid, chek out this video:

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