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Published Date: 21-04-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Top Tips
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A successful bid comprises many elements, all of which are equally important in showing experience, innovation and value for money.

Case studies show your strengths and your ability to overcome challenges. Evidence of achieving and applying successes on previous projects provides reassurance of quality and value for money. Make sure that you present all relevant information in an interesting manner to impress an assessor. A good case study will generally include:

Basic Details

It may be a cliché but the devil is in the detail. Make sure that you enter all basic information accurately and honestly and that you correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Referees may be contacted to confirm any information provided so always ensure that it is correct. This shows attention to detail and will ensure that a basic mistake or misinformation does not undermine your bid.

Key Personnel

Providing the details of all key personnel involved in the project gives the assessor a full picture of your team and their experience, roles and responsibilities. The assessor will then be aware of your team’s strengths and will be reassured that the contract will be undertaken successfully.

Customer Satisfaction

All case studies should include the details of customer satisfaction scores and feedback you have received. This provides a genuine and objective review of the quality of your company, and reassures the assessor that you will deliver the contract to a high standard.

Challenges and Unusual Aspects

Include information on any challenges or unusual aspects that you faced, such as delays or changes in customer requirements. Assessors want to see evidence of your ability to respond flexibly and efficiently to any change in circumstance. Remember that challenges are part of any contract and have to be overcome, not avoided.

Successes and Service Improvements

All projects will have identifiable successes that best show how good your company is. These may include completion ahead of schedule, showing innovation in resolving a problem or achieving increased value for money. Include examples of these, as well as any resultant service improvements introduced, as evidence of your commitment to continual improvement.

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