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Published Date: 7-11-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Top Tips
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The case study section of a tender is one of the most important parts. Here you are given free rein to boast about your company’s talents and previous successes.

A good case study will demonstrate to the contracting authority why you are the perfect company for the job. It should work to address any successes as well as failures, along with providing real life examples of how your company works.

Given the importance of this section it is worth taking your time and ensuring that the quality is as high as possible. A bad case study can put you out of the race.


First of all don’t get carried away writing about any job. If you have a previous contract that you completed exceptionally well, but it does not relate to the tender, do not write that case study.

It is important that the case study is relevant to the job you are applying for, whether it is the same service or there are a number of similarities in the contract.

Relevance is key and you must be able to demonstrate why you are the best fit for this specific job, not just any job.

Success and Failure

A case study is a fantastic way of showing your strengths and capabilities, but you also need to talk about any failures you have had, with a focus on how you overcame them.

In terms of strengths you can talk about your team – paint a real picture, talk about your staff and how they excel. Include feedback from the client if they were satisfied, along with if the job was completed ahead of schedule or under budget.

It is also important to include any challenges or unusual aspects that you encountered on the contract. Here you are able to prove your ability to overcome potential problems and adapt to difficulties.


Highlight your successes with a focus on innovation – contracting authorities are always looking for better and more efficient deliveries of service.

If you made any significant service improvements to a previous contract, now is the time to start boasting. These improvements will help your company stand out and provide assurances to the evaluator that you are the right company for the job.

Evidence of your commitment to continual improvement demonstrates that your company will progress the service and find new ways to tackle potential issues.

Quality Assurance

As with all sections of the tender, quality assurance is as important as ever with regard to case studies.

Once the case study is completed it must not only be checked for grammar and quality of writing, but accuracy. This section must be completely accurate as the contracting authority will be able to check all the facts. So, however tempting, do not tell any lies in the case study.

When everything is checked over and approved, you are ready to hand in your winning case study!

For more information on writing case studies, feel free to get in touch.

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