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We offer a wide variety of tender training courses for companies across the UK. Our courses are completely tailored to the needs of your company and include post-training consultation.

As the government aims to make the public sector procurement process more inclusive for a wider range of companies, it has become a lot more competitive. SMEs now have a greater chance of success and are being encouraged to bid. However, that has meant that now, more than ever, it is important to have a strong submission.

Tendering has never been easy and with the increase in bidders it is hard to make your submission stand out. Our training is specifically geared towards improving your company’s success rate by making your bid stand out.

What is in a tender training course?

Our courses explore your previous submissions and are directly applied to your work. This means no generic course material – everything we teach you is related to your company and industry.

The entire bid process is analysed with the aim of improved consistency and quality. The ultimate aim of the training is to improve the success rate of your company and help you to win more contracts.

Who needs training?

We cater to all levels of experience from first time bidders, to experienced bid teams working on multi-million pound contracts.

Through a pre-training consultation we establish which course is most applicable to you and tailor the program to your needs. Even the most experienced teams can benefit from learning new developments in the procurement landscape, along with advanced bid management techniques for larger tenders.

Intermediate bid writes can also benefit by learning more advanced processes such as maintaining a bid library in order to save time and improve quality.

How it can benefit your company?

The aim of the training is for your company to win more contracts and develop a consistently improving success rate.
Whatever your industry and experience level our tender training courses will help you succeed. For more information call us free on 0800 612 5563, email info@executivecompass.co.uk or express your interest on our training page.

For tips on how to improve your tender success rate, check out this video:

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