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Published Date: 22-06-2014
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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For many companies, bidding across borders is standard practice and bid teams are well versed in completing international tenders. But for others it is an unknown realm that can seem very daunting at first.

Bidding Opportunities

Bidding into areas away from your current region opens up a vast number of opportunities. There are more contracts to be won through widening your range as a company providing you have a strong base from which to start. If competition is high in your current area then looking further afield can offer a greater chance of success.

It is important to ensure that your company has the capacity to move to a new region, whether this involves establishing a satellite office or partnering with another company. International bidding opportunities allow companies to grow extremely quickly and can also be very profitable.

Bidding Internationally from the UK

If your company is based in the UK you may wish to start looking for tendering opportunities abroad. Many businesses have found success in Europe and the Middle East, through offering services that may not be present in those areas.

One company we spoke to had recently won a contract to create custom pipe fittings in Qatar. As they were a specialist in the area they were able to offer a great service to the contracting authority at a competitive price. There was also no need to be located overseas as all the work was completed in the UK before the product was shipped.

Companies looking to widen their range permanently can look for areas offering a high number of contracts within their industry. In some cases it is also possible to win a tender before establishing an office in that location.

Bidding into the UK

We have worked with many companies bidding into the UK from overseas in both bid management and bid writing capacities. There are hundreds of opportunities for international firms who wish to secure contracts in the UK across all industries.

International firms often find success within the UK through offering innovative solutions to both public and private sector contracts. In many cases businesses do not think to look abroad and miss out on many opportunities.

Completing an International Tender

It can be very difficult to complete an international tender and many firms get it wrong. There is an increased risk in terms of time and money, but if you get it right the rewards can be huge.

A lot of research goes into completing the tender into both the area itself and the legislation of that country. You must ensure that you follow all the correct procedures in order for your bid to be compliant. This is more important than ever and can win or lose a tender

One of the biggest points to remember is the impact on the local area should you secure the contract. How will your company integrate with the region and will you utilise the local workforce? This is an area where many marks can be gained. Especially for international firms bidding into the UK, if you can show that jobs will be created as a result of your success, then this will be looked upon very favourably.

If the bid is in another language you must employ a very good translator and determine the best approach to working on the contract should there be a language barrier. A strong bid/no bid process must be in place on every bid.

At the end of the day the document is still a tender and should be approached the same way you would approach any contract. Ensure compliance and the highest quality submission.

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