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Winning more work from PQQ, Bids and Tenders

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When it comes to winning work via PQQ, bids and tenders, too many small firms miss out on opportunities by not showing themselves off in the best light.

They need to make themselves more attractive as a subcontractor or supplier to larger private or public organisations. Its simply the best way to grow your business.

Too often when small firms submit PQQ, bid or tender for work, they are defeated before they even submit the bid.

The same old excuses are trotted out, we are too small to win the bid, the tender has already been awarded, this PQQ is too complicated and has been designed to keep us out, we don’t have the resources.

All of the above and more, are complete nonsense. If you are the owner of a small firm and want to grow your business, one of the easiest ways is to bid for larger contracts.

The PQQ, bid and tender process is just like a job application. There are various phases to go through if you want to win the job and just like a job interview, preparation and research is the key. So is a positive mind set!

If you begin writing a PQQ, bid or tender thinking that you are not going to win it, then you won’t. Approach it positively, research your customer, prepare well, allocate sufficient time, bring in help if needed and submit the bid in a timely manner and you will stand a good chance of winning the job.

And if you don’t win the job or don’t get past the PQQ stage, then do not be put off trying again. Athletes do not win Olympic gold just by running one race. They train hard, and lose a great many races before they win one. The same can be said of submitting bids and tenders. Just as an athlete’s coach will provide feedback so will most of the organisations you submit your tender document to. Also remember to ask for feedback if you win. You may have won it by the narrowest of margins and perhaps will not be so lucky next time!

If you are completing a PQQ this week and don’t understand an element of it, ask for clarification. If you don’t have a particular policy to meet the criteria, then get one. A comprehensive Human Resources Strategy Document will cost you £400. ISO will cost you around £3k (presuming you are a small firm) and if you are a manufacturer or in engineering it will more than likely attract some form of funding.

There really is no excuse for not submitting PQQ, bids and tenders and growing your business. So stop making them.

Stop being Ugly, join the competition, learn what you need to be successful, keep trying and you will win more business.

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