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Published Date: 7-07-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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Hiring a professional bid writing company saves time, improves quality and ultimately results in a higher scoring tender submission.

Companies that choose professional tender writing services are more successful and continue to win more contracts and expand. Whether you are an SME or a larger national or international company, using a bid writer will see your success rate improve greatly.

Here are some reasons to hire a bid writing company:

Save time

Writing PQQs and tenders is a very time consuming process, especially if you have other duties within your company.

Many businesses waste time and lose business by using internal staff, such as sales team members. This can reduce the quality of the work and also means that the employee’s day-to-day duties are left uncompleted.

Outsourcing to a professional saves your company time and allows you to continue focussing on the running of your business.

More submissions

An internal team or bid writer can only focus on so much work before the quality suffers, whereas a bid writing company has a lot of resources and internal processes which allow for the completion of many submissions at once.

Increasing your output means that your company can grow at a much quicker rate than using employees.

Professional bid structure and procedures

A thorough bid/no bid decision process, along with the use of a bid library, quality checks and proof reading means that your submissions are of the highest possible quality.

This sort of structure removes potential weak areas and non-compliance that would otherwise cost your company the contract.

Foundation for success

Using a structure such as the one mentioned above lays the foundations for success. A working bid library saves time and improves the quality of your submissions.

As you win more contracts this also provides more experience and potential case studies for future submissions, allowing you to bid for and win even bigger contracts.

Higher success rate

Ultimately a professional team will vastly improve your company’s success rate in both the long and short term, whilst allowing you to continue focussing on the running of the business.

You will save time and money through the use of a professional bid structure, which is constantly adapting to create stronger submissions.
Over time you will your success rate soar.

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