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Published Date: 31-07-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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It can be difficult to decide which team member (or members) should complete a tender. Many companies simply give the bid to the sales team to complete, while others opt for the business development manager.

However, as tenders require a certain skill set you should really think hard about who the right person is for your company.

Here are some tips for finding the right person to write your submission.

Team member

For many companies, the person chosen to complete the bid is simply the one who is available at that time. In this case you need to be certain that the chosen team member has the knowledge and the ability to write the submission.

The most common choice is a member of the sales team as they are aware of how the company works and can attempt to convey this in writing. However, you can never guarantee the quality of the bid with this method and the employee’s day-to-day duties are also affected.

Service specialist

A service specialist is someone within an organisation that has unique knowledge and understanding of the service your company delivers.

Choosing a service specialist to complete your bid adds more detail to the submission which can gain additional marks. The downside of this is that in most cases the knowledge is very focussed in one area, meaning the overall tender may not be as strong.

Business development manager

A lot of companies do not have a Business Development Manager, but for those that do they are usually the obvious choice. After all, tendering for contracts is all part of business development.

This role also requires working knowledge of the company as a whole, which can them be conveyed within the bid. A business development manager is able to talk to all team members to gain the relevant information and can collate all supporting documents for the submission.

The only downside is the individual’s ability to write and actually respond to the tender questions. Bids require a unique writing style that can be difficult to master, and in some cases this can cost a company the bid.

Professional bid writer

A professional bid writer offers the most effective service, guaranteeing the quality of the submission, along with proven experience.

Choosing to use a professional bid writer to complete your submission gives your company the best possible chance of success. The writer will work with members of your team to find out all the relevant information and convey this in the most effective way.

It is completely up to you who completes your bid and depends on the make-up of your team, time restraints, cost restraints, and size/importance of your submission.

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