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Published Date: 5-03-2020
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Tender Writing & Bid Management
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As commercially focused individuals, a bid manager holds the capability to understand all requirements in relation to the purchasing process. Their core role is to manage and lead the writing of a bid.

The bid manager role

Bid managers need the ability and characteristics to successfully lead a team to deliver top-quality tender responses. With excellent organisational capabilities to manage multiple bids and large writing teams (possibly over a variety of sectors), bid managers are integral to the success of a proposal. Senior bid managers within an organisation could be managing millions of pounds’ worth of contracts for the firm.

Successful bid managers need a certain level of skills to competently fulfil their role, including:

  • Commercial awareness: understanding the industry requirements and needs of the purchaser to align the response in the most appropriate manner.
  • Organisation: with set deadlines and multiple projects, bid managers are also project managers and need organisational skills to keep their bid team on target.
  • Communication: to gain the most relevant knowledge a bid manager needs excellent communication skills to converse with a range of stakeholders that will have varying levels of input into the content of the bid.

Understanding the bid management process

To ensure the effectiveness of the bid management services, there are two main elements that a bid manager must focus on. Firstly, managing the people involved in the process and secondly managing the information and organisational elements of the bid process. The seamless integration of these elements ensures an effective and well-structured bid that is completed to the specification and on time.

Bid managers generally follow a structured approach to the bid management process; for each bid they will:

  1. Review documentation and understand the requirements and scope of what the purchaser is requesting
  2. Plan the timeline and number of days needed to complete the works
  3. Assign a writer or writers, with experience and specialist knowledge of the industry; for example, here at Executive Compass we have three dedicated care specialists who work on the majority of care tenders through our bid and tender writing services.
  4. Track daily the percentage and progress of a bid to ensure it is kept on track
  5. Manage the review process and draw together all supporting documents, pricing elements and overseeing the submission of the tender.

In addition to this, the bid manager will consistently review the process and be in close contact with a writer or team of bid writers, to ensure they are receiving the information needed and they are supported to complete the bid to the highest standard.

Business Documents

How does a bid management consultancy work?

Bid management consultancy works through understanding that clients do not always have the time or resources to manage their tendering in house. As a result, the process from opportunity identification to final submission is completed by a bid management consultancy, such as Executive Compass. With a success rate of 85%, over 500 clients trust us to complete their tendering exercises, using a robust and tested process, including:

  • Each morning every writer analyses the market for new and potential tender opportunities which are sent to our clients
  • Upon interest, a quotation for our support will be sent out detailing the level of input they wish us to have
  • Bids are completed by in-house writers, reviewed, amended and proofed and sent to the client
  • Once the client is happy with the main bid responses, we can assist with SQ documents, appendices and final submission to the designated portal – fully undertaking the role of bid manager for the client.

Our team of in-house bid writers allow knowledge and experience to be shared on a daily basis, which is recognised by our clients when they are assigned a specialist writer. Through the high levels of client relationship, consultancy and business best practice is shared, ensuring clients are continually improving throughout the tendering process.

Contact our bid team today to discuss your bid writing or bid management requirements, and to understand how we can support you to win more contracts.

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